NASA releases video of Curiosity rover landing on Mars

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  2. Are you trolling on purpose (not this thread - yet), or are you just misinformed? Man, I gave ALL of the necessary links to info that explains EVERYTHING in my other thread.

    I suggest you read up.
  3. If I had a dollar for every pixel in that video...
  4. [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]
  6. It means, "Uggh, here we go again".

    In short - just wait a few days or a week or maybe two. The data comes in slowly (compared to our speeds of DSL and Cable Modems), plus they have to split between data for pictures and data for telemetry, so it's narrow bandwidth that has to be managed smartly. And efficiently.

    More data will come and these images will get better.

    But that video itself in the OP was from MARDI - and it was still basically in space/hostile conditions.

    Can you imagine how hard it would be to make a camera that can survive crazy temperature or lack of, no pressure, RADIATION especially, etc.?

    And then couple that with the narrow bandwidth back to earth, like I said.

    This was quite a feat and they did it.

  7. No doubt it was quite a feat, just sayin I couldn't really see much in that video.

    Is the rover equipped with an HD camera? Would be something else to see Mars from a hi res perspective.
  8. Yes it is. 1600x1200 resolution BUT in a narrow viewing angle (like 13 degrees). That means more pixels for a smaller slice of a view, which when stitched together, will create stunning HD.

    Plus there's a 720p video camera on it.
  9. you could almost buy a coke.

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