NASA is going to blow up the moon! D:

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  1. ok so NASA isn't really going to blow up the moon, but they are shooting a missile at it in hopes of finding water. they have found lots of hydrogen on the moon which means there is probably water. so they are shooting a missile at a crater near the south pole of the moon to puncture the moon and hopefully find water. that way they might be able to set up a permanent moon base, and be able to do cool moon things.

    here is an article about it if you want to read more.
    NASA names target for water hunt at moon's south pole --
  2. I understand the concept however, it seems a bit primitive.

    Couldnt they send a droid or rover? I guess if they want a cheap and effective way of blowing something up to look at the aftermath and say "oi! there be water in them rocks!"
  3. That's what I was thinking, lol.

  4. True.

    Also, I would think this would cause some international backlash. We have our countries, continents and politics, but we all share the same planet, sun and moon.

    Personally, I feel the only way effective space exploration can become reality is through a collective human effort.
  5. you know what theyre going to do right? build a wal-mart on the moon
  6. what if they accidently blow up the moon?
  7. Then the people inhabiting its core center will attack us.
  8. [ame=""]YouTube - mr show-blow up moon[/ame]
  9. If they actually did blow up the moon, I bet it would have some pretty negitive effects on us, like having to do with the tides and such, i dont really know. But shit I hope they do find water and set up colonies, so I can complete my life goal: Trip on acid in space.
  10. we would be screwed without the moon. It creates our tides, and has a gravitational pull. Light reflected off of it at night would be gone, and our climate and weather would be chaotic.
  11. everytime i exhale a bong hit it looks like moon blowing up
  12. We aren't blowing it up.

    All they're doing is sending a little orbiter and its engine to it's death.
    We've been hitting the moon with bigger things than that since the 60's

    Yeah, a little orbiter that's out there right now is gonna crash into the surface, while it's partner flies overhead through the cloud of dust searching for water in the dust
  13. ha ha you made me look. I am glad they are not going to blow up the moon though.
  14. Hey that is cool.

  15. LCROSS

    It also took High-Res pictures of the old Apollo landing sights. Fuckin badass dude, look for them on nasa's website
  16. Do the other countries agree that this is a good idea? Shooting rockets at the moon to find water? That's like me shooting a cow hoping beef jerky comes out.

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