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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SirMarijuana, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Just a quick question blades. If you ask someone if they are a narc do they have to tell the truth by law? Thanks in advance :smoke:
  2. No they don't. That would compromise their case, and safety. They just can't approach you first about something illegal. That would be entrapment.
  3. If you mean undercover police officer, no they do not.
  4. no, that'd blow their cover and they could easily risk their life in doing so, depending on the situation
  5. This is an OLD myth- it wasn't true when I was a kid, and it ain't true now!

  6. Nope. My dad was a narc so he told me a lot of stories heh. But they aren't allowed to do hard drugs, so there's a way to kinda weed them out. He actually made his own fake cocaine so he could get away with doing it without doing it. Smart for him, bad for everyone else
  7. LOL no

    undercover investigations wouldn't go very far, if all you had to do was ask a person if he was a narc/cop and he had to be like "oh damn..... you got me!. I'm a cop"

    Its just propaganda.
    Same thing as if you make a phone call to the cops/whoever... it doesn't take 30 seconds or whatever it is to trace the call. The call is traceable as soon as the call is made.

    Also, if you run from cops in a car you have a good chance of getting away/the cops calling off the chase. But in all the cop reality shows, they ALWAYS show people getting busted. They make it seem like if you run you get caught, end of story.

    Same thing with robbing banks. You rob a bank, there is a good chance you'll get away. But they dont make this too public for obvious reasons.

  8. Exactly - This one always make my laugh!
    Your own phone already does this - what makes you believe that the gov/law enforcement can't do it faster lol. :cool:

  9. I sense a plan forming...:bolt:

  10. lol I wouldn't do it personally, but there are plenty of people who get away with it.

    In my area there is a bank robber that pops up every spring/summer, robs a few banks, then disapears until next year. According to things I've read the same guy has robbed like 50 banks over the last 10 years and still hasn't got caught lol
  11. I enjoyed this story highly.
    fuck yeah im stoned :smoke:
  12. I agree with you for the most part but you are making it sound like it's soo easy to rob a bank and speed off and not get caught.

    I'd say there is a 'chance' you could get away.. but not a 'good chance.'
  13. #13 ILLOGIK, Mar 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2012
    actually there is a good chance.

    I worked in banking for years. 53rd bank, charter one, pnc, the list goes on and on. Worked in operations and loss prevention. In the chicago area alone there are bank robberies every few days. There is more than a 50 percent chance you'll get away with the actual bank robbery. If I remember right, the statistic in chicago was only like 20-30 percent of bank robbers eventually got caught.

    How people get caught usually is friends narcing them out, spending money/flashing money around, and a lot of bank robberies are inside jobs. So they press the workers at the branch pretty hard and sometimes if it's an inside job the inside man/woman cracks. One time bank robbers have an even higher chance of getting away with it, many of the people who get caught have been robbing multiple banks and the FBI/cops have been keeping tabs on them for awhile.
    That's the reason that a lot of bank robbers don't rob banks in their own areas, they'll do it out of state.

    And from working in loss prevention, I can tell you that banks will be aggressive and will try to pressure the news/newspapers/media from reporting on stories about bank robberies because it just fuels more banks being robbed.

  14. Lmao if I ever robbed a bank it would be one then done, you don't need that much $$!

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