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Narcs, Bud, and Alcohol... Weird.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MPower420, May 29, 2009.

  1. Alright, so back in my day, I was quite the pill head. If I could swallow it, dammit I would take it. I've had some good shit (OCs), realllllly good shit (Soma's... oh my God), and stuff that made me wanna die (trippin on diphenhydramine for instance).

    I haven't taken ANY pills for atleast a year, but I was prescribed Loratabs (5-500) for pain the other day. I can take one and go about my day, pain goes down a little but that's about it. I take 2... holy fuck. I almost don't like the feeling of it anymore. I've actually gotten the same way about drinking (I used to be quite a lush too. I could down 10+ shots of good vodka, a few beers and a couple mixed drinks and still function), but thanks to pot (which I smoke 2-3 times a week now) I feel like drinking just isn't worth it anymore. I don't like feeling "out of control", getting sick and puking my guts up, doing shit I usually wouldn't do if I was PAID to, etc. I'm glad I'm that way now though, I really am. Give me 4-5 beers and I'm HAMMERED, but I don't get sick and I know when to stop.

    As for other "drugs"... I smoke a pack a day (Marlboro Light 100s), I trip on salvia d once every couple months, and I drop acid every 3-6 months. Other than that, I won't touch anything else.

    Has Mary Jane had any of these effects on YOUR life as well? I feel like I've matured in MANY ways with the help of this plant over the years, and when it comes to keeping my ass alive and away from the really heavy shit... I don't know how, but it just... happens.

    Toke on brothers. I'd like to hear some of your input. :smoking:
  2. I'm 18, and I used to drink alone 2-3 nights a week (vodka woo!).
    Since I started toking 3-4 times a week I've stopped drinking flat out, not even at parties. It just doesn't compare.
  3. I completely agree with both of you. First year of college I was all about getting g as completely drunk as possible. As most college freshman tend to do. Once I had the availability of good bud nothing compares to the high one gets from some good dank. Still love my beers and liquor of course but I don't love getting sick. Nowadays I am all about the herb. As the great bob Marley once said...herb is the healer of a nation...alcohol is the destruction. Which entirely makes sense. Alcohol can cause bad judgements, hostility and irrationalism. In conclusion..I am now a herb, l, and shroom type of guy!
  4. I was a booze hound for a long, long time. At one point, MJ smoking turned from every once in a while to everyday. As my use of MJ increased, my interest in drinking decreased........

    Now, if I go to a party, I am usually stoned and I have absolutely no interest in drinking.
  5. Na man, I love weed but theres a time to get stoned and theres a time to drink and be social. Theres nothing like walking into a party or social gathering with a pint of some good whiskey or bourbon and a 2 liter of coke....I love smoking don't get me wrong but i gotta have my alcohol at parties...
  6. Since I started smoking daily (about 2-3 years ago) the thought of alcohol kinda turns my stomach. When I turned 21 I loved getting drunk for a bout 3 months, after that it losts it's charm and I actually look down on it for some reason. Weird right?
  7. I'm 11 and I used to pop x twice a day for 2 months, I got shitfaced drunk every weekend and blow lines like Christmas in the northpole. Now I smoked bud in moderation. 4 grams a day.

  8. :bongin::laughing::laughing::laughing::bongin:
  9. You know you have to be 18 to be on these forums right?

    Anyways, I used to enjoy drinking alot around the end of senior year of HS, but the precious herbs ended up taking over and now I'll enjoy drinking occasionally at parties to get a nice fun buzz going, but thats about it.

    Also, you mentioned narcs in the title...?
  10. you dont seem very mature

  11. I am guessing this is some kind of joke.... if not then:

    1. you are one fucked up kid

    2. leave for 7 years and come back
  12. neither do you
  13. My junior year in highschool I was drinking soo much, at parties every weekend just getting faded, but now I smoke weed alot more and have lost a lot of interest in drinking. There's also some other reasons why I dont drink and shit happens when you're drunk.... But occasionaly I'll drink, mostly some beers here and there(watch the Lakers and drink a few) but I dont get drunk very often anymore.
  14. I used to drink a lot on the weekend (as most college students do) and smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes a day but now that I moved out of the dorms and in with some friends that toke more, I'll smoke maybe 2-3 cigarettes a day during the week, a half pack at a party; and rarely have a few drinks.
  15. #15 MyNameIsBud420, May 30, 2009
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    I started smoking way before I tried drinking. I've found that drinking really has no appeal to me. If I drink too much I can drive. You get hangovers the morning after drinking. I really just don't see the point. I'd much rather be able to smoke as much as I want and go wherever I want without having to worry about getting a DUI or crashing. I mean sure I'll drink a few beers if I'm chillin at a party or whatever, but I don't see the point in getting shitfaced.
  16. weed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> alcohol, alcohol is shit, i used to be a alcoholic, but whenever im out n partying i take it lightly now atleast i try to, and have a couple joints..
  17. Both drinking and smoking have their place for me. I don't drink nearly as often as I do (maybe once a week or twice a week now compared to 4 - 5), and not nearly in the quantities I used to. I usually prefer to go out and meet new people when drinking, but I like to be around more close friends when smoking.
  18. weed makes me HATE drinking...i just dont like it...makes me too full. i dont like the spins...weed is a better feeling and lasts longer with NO side effects like hangover etc. its cheaper and jst better all around...salvia i used to do once and a while but i only had lke 3 minute experiences so not worth it really..traded a zip of it for some weed once..did make u trip the fuk out for 3 mins legal c theres no way to function while high and then its over...

    but yea, weed has made me like drinking much less, and in turn, make friends think im a lightweight when really, im just stoned and happy and not puking
  19. Since I started smoking in earnest I can definitively say that my drinking has gone down to almost nothing, just a few drinks socially or with a meal, I can't remember the last time I was really drunk.

    But on the other hand since I've started smoking I've tried, and in some cases continued to use, other drugs that I might not have been interested in had it not been for my smoking. This applies especially to things like acid, mushrooms, and DMT; I probably would have tried pharms regardless.

    But the whole arguement is kind of moot for me since from the age of 12 or 13 I believed in the legalization (or at least reform) or marijuana laws, even though I didn't even take my first toke until years later.

  20. Sorry but this made me laugh LOL, talk about not getting sarcasm

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