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  1. well today wasnt a very good day... i wokeup n made some calls to go score some dope.. and fucking NO ONE was pickin up that i usually go to.. so i look through my phone for any numbers that i forgot i had and i came across my old dealer who stopped fuckin with me awhile ago... i used to go see him everyday but i got pulled over by task force coppin off him and he drove by n seen it so he stopped fuckin with me.

    so i get down there and he tells me to wait at the family dollar cuz he's driving back still n doesnt want me to go sit at the spot u know.. so i'm sittin there, n all of a sudden my "spider senses" as i call em go off, this is when i get a gut feeling i'm gonna get pulled over and 95% of the time its right. so no more than 5 seconds after my spidey senses tingle, a cop pulls up the road, and then the light turns green and he drives down the road towards where i'd be meeting dude at. so then dude calls and i go to go to the spot, and when i pull into the neighborhood the cop is fuckin sittin right at the entrance so i'm like FUCK. and turn around and go back the direction i came from to try to make it look like i'd gone to far down the road and was lost..

    so i call dude n tell him theres a pig sittin at the entrance of the hood and he tells me to go to the other spot, which is like 200 yards down the road, but its in a different city.. so i meet him there n i pull out n think "ok i should go the back way home so i dont gotta go back through penn hills incase that cop is waitin up there. but being the fuckin dumbass that i am i go back through penn hills anyway cuz its shorter.

    so i'm driving, dont see any cops sittin on the side of the road waiting for me to come back out.. and then i get to the light where the family dollar is, still no cops, but then i see a cop come down the road to the right of the road i'm on and the light turns green. so i'm like "ok gotta boogey n get off this road into wilkinsburg where the penn hills cops cant pop me.. so i make the turn and i hear sirens and i know i'm fu cked.. but its not the cop i saw, its an undercover task force car.

    so i pull over n he says "step out of the car Jesse" n i'm like "how the fuck do you know who i am already" and he tells me to hand over the heroin i just bought. i'm like "what heroin" and he says "i know who you are and why your down here, hand it over" so i give him the dope, luckily i only bought 4 bags. then the other cop pulls up. the undercover says "we dont care if you buy in the city, but dont bring that shit back through here" and i'm thinkin "yea, i fuckin wish i wouldnt have"

    so i'm thinkin fuck me i'm goin to jail. and they start askin me a buncha questions like who i cop off of and if i cop in penn hills, and i tell em "no i hardly ever cop in penn hills, this is the first time i fucked with this guy in months"

    so they make me an offer and tell me "we're gonna cut you loose, and we're gonna give you a call tomorrow and if you wanna make a couple buys for us you wont get charged with anything, and we'll pay you 50 bucks per buy, otherwise your gonna get charged"

    and right now i have pending drug/paraphenelia/underage alcohol posession charges and a pending DUI charge, so i already have a fuckload of bullshit charges i gotta deal with without another fucking narcotics charge on my hands.. i really cant afford any more fines/attorney fee's so i dunno wtf i'm gonna do yet, i got a little while to think about it though.. the idea of getting paid instead of having to pay out the ass and further ruin my fucking life n make it even more fuckin impossible to get a job sounds alot better than a narcotics charge thats for damn sure, and this isnt a dude i really fuck with ever, so i dunno... yea sure you can act all tough n shit with your "snitches get stitches" garbage but i'm fuckin trying to go to college next semester, and i'm not gonna be eligible for financial aid with a heroin charge so its gonna ruin the rest of my life, compared to puttin a fuckin dope dealer with zero goals to do anything constructive with his life in jail... not to mention heroin dealers arent exactly like your friendly weed dealer, their selling an addictive product that ruins lives for that exact reason, cuz they know how profitable it is to get people hooked

    i dunno what i'm gonna do though yet, so dont start with your whiny wanna be hardass snitch bullshit just yet
  2. Shit, if only you were a chick and could hide it in your bra.

    Do what you gotta do
  3. dont snitch.....
  4. well the stash spot in my car they would have never found it unless they called in the dogs.. but i mean the cop knew that i just bought dope, i've been pulled over down there a few times but not for about 6 months, so they knew what the deal is.. n its not like i could have said "i didnt cop i got scared after seein that cop" cuz they woulda just checked n saw that i didnt have any money.. so it was a losing situation
  5. well your in a real shitty situation, i dunno what to tell you. first of all, what did you get pulled over and searched for? sounds like illegal search, perhaps? If your tight with your dealers, i wouldn't turn em in, but thats your call. If you are tryin to get into school and whatnot, you should probably stay clean from any charges; but if your gonna go to college you should probably stay clean from heroin too. Either way, tough situation, try and do the right thing
  6. well like i said, i'm not tight with this dealer, he's not one of my everyday dudes, my everyday dudes are cool good guys and i'd never snitch on them, this dude is your typical pusher, sends text messages n shit sayin he got new shit, so if i was tryin to stay clean he's basically puttin it there in my face tempting me

    he's also one of those dudes who makes you fuckin sit down in the hood for 20-30 minutes making it alot more likely you'll get arrested while he gets away free so his blatant disregard for my safety makes me kinda wanna snitch on him too.. hell thats the reason i got pulled over down there the other times, cuz he had my white ass sitting in the hood for fucking 30 minutes and cops rolled through and saw me, where if he was on time it woulda never happened, so if he dont give a fuck if i get arrested, why should i give a fuck if he gets arrested either

    its a tough situation, i'm the kinda dude whose usually all about not snitchin but i'm at a time in my life right now where i'm really tryin to do something to help with my future, and if i dont do the CI shit i'm gonna be stuck working a shit job the rest of my life, while this dude just slangs dope and nothin else

    edit: i got pulled over cuz the cop knew i just copped heroin, and they didnt search i just handed it over, cuz i mean they already knew for sure what i did, the undercover saw it, and if i woulda gave em a hard time i woulda got charged AND went to jail on the spot.
  7. I knew a dude that used to work as a narc for the cops, ever couple of weeks he would get paid to hit up all the convience stores in the tri-county area and try to buy beer, he got paid 12 per hr plus 50$ bonus for ever store that got busted. Damn good job if you ask me.
  8. not snitching isn't worth a heroin charge you have to live with for the rest of your life. just make sure this guy won't be able to find you when he gets out of prison
  9. Thats a tough situation man. Just make sure he cant find you after he gets out.
  10. Did you sign anything with the Cops?
  11. Trying to do something to help with your future? I'm pretty sure doing heroin isnt helping...
  12. I could have sworn there was a thread about you going to rehab for dope, and how you were good and werent going to use anymore.
  13. honestly .. i dont think u should snitch on him. gettin caught up in shit like heroin leads to those shiity circumstances
  14. yea i'm aware heroin isnt helping, n i'm tryin to quit, but when you have access to other peoples money to score dope for yourself its pretty hard to turn down

    and this dude has no clue where i live, doesnt even know my name

    n no i didnt sign anything with the cops, they just got my info and said they were gonna give me a call
  15. I would take the offer if I were you man. College is more important than some lowlife dealer.
  16. yea thats what i'm leanin towards, i mean if dude was cool or one of my friends or we went back i wouldnt even think about it, or even if he was one of my usual connects, but he's really a nobody to me, and he's fairly young, might not even be 18 yet actually, and usually selling hard drugs isnt somethin you get away with forever like bein a pot dealer or somethin, since ur sellin shit that drives people to crime to get it.. might wise him up a lil gettin popped n maybe straighten his life out

    and i dont really care about e-respect.. cuz if it was someone on here who was in college gettin financial aid they'd do it in a heartbeat not to perma-fuck their life

    still kinda undecided though, do i go with bein street with the "no-snitchin" rule and fuck my future, though usually the people who are 100% no snitchin are drug dealers/criminals who dont care if they go to jail cuz they never plan on goin legit.. or do i drop the thug shit and save myself since i'm fairly intelligent and could do alot more with my life then work some shitty labor job the rest of my life

    like i'd never snitch on a weed/acid/shrooms type dealer, but then again they arent dealing poison for the sake of profit
  17. The positives of going to college outweigh the life you would live if you didnt snitch.
  18. damn dude thats a tight spot rite there
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    so you didnt get arrested?, how are they going to charge you with the heroin then? that will get throw out in court in a second, no?
    you were never cuffed, never arrested, never read your pretty sure if they try and pull that shit, you'll easily beat the case in court if it even goes that far. which i dont think it will anyways.
    i wouldnt snitch if i was you.
    now there might be situations where you could snitch, like if they actually arrested you and you got booked and processed...but i really dont think you have anything to worry about. id definitely call and ask your lawyer to be sure.
    but if you want to willingly snitch and get the money, then thats your call, you said it yourself, you just want a check, so heres your oppurtunity to make a quick buck and cut off some of your dope sources, "possibly" helping yourself in the end.
  20. Listen bro, if you aren't going to get off the stuff then don't bother snitching. This is your one fucking chance right here. You can do the job, take the cash and spend it on dope and you're putting yourself deeper into shit. If you narc, then you NEED to get off the heroin. Simple as. Good luck, dude.

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