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  1. I've had a couple people ask me to make an art thread. So here I go. Here are some of my past pieces and current. More to come.

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  2. I really liked the giraffe. All of the pieces were excellent, though!
  3. Defiantly subbed. :)

    I've always wanted the ability to make amazing art, but unfortunately it wasn't my calling. Stick figures are the extent of my talent lol.

  4. Thanks guys! :)
    Critiques are always welcome too. I'm always trying to improve. I've been learning watercolor lately, and there will be more watercolor to come. 
  5. Those last 2 watercolor ones are sweet! all are good! cant wait to see more.
    Thank you!  I'm really starting to like watercolor, so much more to learn from it, though!
  7. graphite
  8. Absolutely love the water color art. :D

  9. That's some good stuff. Impressed.
  10. that giraffe is bad ass 
  11. Thanks guys! :) I am currently working on a abstract watercolor, which will be done pretty soon. Then I'll do some landscapes.
  12. awesome man. the giraffe one is sick. And your graphite one is great as well. Hope you continue updating.
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    Thank you! The giraffe is a favorite among everyone. It was inspired by dali's burning giraffes and Picasso's cubism. I actually painted it for my grandpa. And the graphite one was a gift to my boyfriend... The cupcake for my girly friend who is obsessed with cupcakes and wanted a painting of her cupcake tattoo. lol I'm now trying to keep some of my work, unless it is a commission.
    Heres a new abstract watercolor. Not sure which way it looks best. I just realized I forgot to take the tape off for the picture... 
    Edit: put up another pic without the tape. sorry for the shit pic. I'll try to take a better one tomorrow with better lighting and edit it in.
  14. Wow Im so digging your art. I like the contrasts in many of your pieces not just in terms of shades but texture and over all concept.

    Youve definitely inspired me to continue with my own art. Its always nice when we see things like this and remember what the non-robotic human can create. When we stop thinking logically and just let ourselves suffer or love or both and do art, because it is just that. :) Peace.

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    Thank you!  :love:  I'm really glad you notice those things. I intentionally try to make my pieces pop with contrast and texture. I strive to make my pieces look great not only close up, but also from a distance. And I absolutely love texture, I'm a very tactile person.
    I am so so happy I inspired you. Your words are so poetic and I could not agree more. There is nothing more important for the soul than creativity. 
    That is such a beautiful drawing. I really like the colors and the cool tones. :)
  16. Nanner, thank you! it is a self portrait of when i was feeling blue.
    And I try to express myself the best way I can. Youre right about creation. It is how we express ourselves and put our imagination to work. We are all magicians and practice magic when we start dragging that paint across a blank canvas or pen on paper or tongue on salty skin.

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  17. love your stuff, nanners! The fourth one in the original post is great, are you a Dali fan?
  18. wow, really stellar stuff, ever consider making prints?
    Thank you. And Dali is one of my favorite artist. That one was a dali inspired piece and so was the giraffe one.
    Thank you. I have considered it, but haven't actually done it yet. Im not sure where to start, I do not know much about the print making process.
  20. Dali was a genius. Just on another level.

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