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Namy nam nam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stylez, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. You call him norm

    I call him nam

    some call him bob.

    Conspiracy? I think so.
  2. as long as i dont get called

    bud head...were alll ok
  3. LOL


    budhead !
  5. Yes i'd enjoy a eel cabob ty :D
  6. allright frank..were fixin to go toe to toe

    did you notice sj changed your sig?
  7. lol yep..evil sj. dont have the pic anymore so gotta make a new one :/

    /me pokes nam in the eye with his toe
  8. *falls down*

    *flops around*

    *takes pants off and runs through thread*
  9. /me screams like an omish school girl

    /me steals all of nam's *'s

    /me nukes grasscity

  10. If you say so.. Looks like you've been a bit tipsy though!
  11. my mother fucking ear
  12. yo gimme a dutch and a lighter andi'll spark shit .
  13. Bet you don't!

  14. seriously.... there are some big burnouts on this board.... :)
  15. that is indeed a mighty bold statement...

    critter has you beat
  16. yeah, that was awfully presumptuous of him, huh?
  17. thatd be like me saying i masterbate more than anyone here at the city....
  18. hahaha....I wonder who that actually is^^^^

  19. I think i got ya beat :p

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