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namrons top ten for today!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. todays top ten, are some posts i would like to not see anymore..ya know..just because.

    #10..what is salvia? name is jake, and im in the bathroom taking a piss test, i have a lit blunt in my hand and a bong on the back of the toilet, what do i do?!

    #8..oh yeah, and i weight 200 lbs

    #7..ive heard of salvia..what is that?

    #6..hi, im jenny, and ive smoked so much weed that my urine is green and my hair is red and sticky, i have a piss test five minutes ago..what can i do to alter the past?

    #5..i found several brown balls out by a stump, right after this rabbit left, they seem like pills to me..maybe hydrocodones or many do i have to eat before they fuck me up!!!

    #4..this salvia stuff..i gotta get some...what does it i put it in my ear?

    #3..YOU DUMBASS IM NOT A NEWBIE, ive smoked two bowls in my life!!

    #2..i went to school high..i got caught, because i offered the teacher this fat sack of dank..i guess she dont smoke, but anyway, she turned me can i kill her without getting high?

    and the number one post i could go without seeing ever again

    #1...hi, my name is officer farland, with the LAPD, but, around here folks call me leon..cuz im a shady guy, but anyway, send me some money, and ill send you some lawn clippings that smell like, HOLLA AT ME, i want the hookup in leonville!!420 420 420 420 420
  2. man thanks namron.those were funnier than hell.if i was one of those people to post something like that i would be embarrassed as favorite had to be about the rabbit shit the guy thought were pills. ROTFLMFAO!!! -reaper420
  3. You posted the same things when you first come to the city Norm. LOL

    Newbies, don't you just want to teach them everything in weed..
  4. oh i love top tens...
    btw someone had a thread asking about sending cash for ??? im like pm me if you want to send someone moola over the net and ill give ya a po box #to send it to
    ---i got pm's allright
    damn an i do need the
    *is to honest*
    had to set em straight

  5. that was fucking hilarious man. great post i dont wanna see those either
  6. I love you, Normsy Poo!!!!!

    #'s 10, 7, 5, 4, and 1 are the biggies for me, too!!!! Of course, #1 isn't allowed so those guy's are wasting some serious time!!!
  7. whats salvia?
  8. why cant i post a picture
  9. yup, nice one nammers.

    oi sensimil, u stole my joke.
    Top tens are the shit!
    I'll see if I can come up with a good one........
  11. the only one that i asked was, the salvia one :p
    i might have asked a piss test one too...
  12. hey norm... i've got a piss test in 5 months... how can i pass? should i drink 10 gallons of water every day?

  13. no no, i recommend getting some sort of detox pills at your local rabbit store.
  14. is anyone else having problems posting pics? jebus...
  15. does salvia show up on drug tests? and how much do i have to put in my ear to make it work?

    lol, good one norm

  16. are those the brown ones that show up by rabbit dens? and will they get me fucked up/show up on my UT?

    lol... this is so great
  17. ive got a real questoin for you hardcore that ive altered my past by eating those brown there anyway i can change it back? the rabbit said i could..

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