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namron loves the enrirov..rivomen..thats hard to spell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. everyone, our old buddy namron was commerateingly beautifying the county jail parking lot.....and he was caught the the news get an idea on how boring our world is....get ready..THIS WAS ON THE FRONT PAGE!!! F- R-O-N-T page news everyone!!! heh...

    perhaps, if urged he will give us a speech about how it is important to go to the jail house, HIGH AS FUCK!! (by the way) plant trees and make things pretty...while you are figging a fucking hole for a tree with a pipe in your pocket with the merry merry drug dog running about...heh...yeah, anyway, maby he will od a nice speech and tell us the story

    note- i used "STONER-SKAN"©...i took a picture of the paper with my digital camera...hahaha..

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  2. ok.heres the deal..i smoked two or three bowls at his house..blnkbois..then went to plant the crape myrtle, at the county stoned as through the parking lot completely oblvious to the suited special occasion people there, and go into another building asking for the lady i was supposed to be looking soon as i walk out of the building i see a group of people waving me down..keep in mind i am stoned as i drive down there and they say that i was late..anywho..i start planting the treeeeee and then the sherriff calls the drug dog out..i have my small pipe in my pocket..this scares the fuck out of me..but i didnt get busted...


    ps the drug dog wasnt looking for stuff on me..he just got put in a car.
  3. im so stoned that i believe you!
  4. LOL!!

    Norm, you shoulda planted a doobie-bush!!!!!
  5. haha, that's some funny shit
  6. Hey Norm,

    whats wrong with planting a few weed seeds along with other trees? I think i would have thrown in a few seeds just to brighten up the place!

    gald they didn't bust you!
  7. hhhm, got yourself a large set of 'nads there son,to go along with your shovel,tree, pipe and stone!
    i love irony
    nice job
  8. Planting trees is much better than posting your ass on the internet. Jeeez Normy! I ain't been by much lately (I did'nt mean to have a life, it just kinda happened) but, son, coulda done without seeing your ass........which brings us to todays joke.

    When Normy was born the Dr. spanked him once, turned him over and slapped him, and said, "Look! Twins!"

    I realize with you being a younger man than I, you feel the need to toe the line, tempt fate, so on and so forth. What ya hauling your piece around for, unless you're gonna use it? I would smoke up before you go, but leave the incriminating evidence behind. Speaking from experience here. I've known several peeps that went down for their pieces only. If you're gonna get busted, make sure it's worth it.

    On the other hand, ain't it fun to be stoned around people who don't have a clue?!;)

    So was this some kind of Community Service sentence?:p

    Congrats on becoming a media star!
  9. nursery that i work for planted it..and then told me where it was gona be i figured it would be grat to be stoned as hell and go oup there :D

  10. There's nothing like getting reefed and hab\nging out with small children and ol people, they just think your really friendly ;)

    p.s. Norm do you make house calls?
  11. Dingus they were only staring at you because your stoned ass forgot to take the joint out from behind your ear and they were wondering how long it would take you to notice ;)

  12. i can ;)

  13. hahahahahahaha they were staring cuz he ripped the ass out of his shorts and he doesn't wear underwear.....

    true story....he actually came to my work to show me this shit.....

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