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Namron and members a ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Which end of the joint do you light?

    I keep turning the thing around and can't figure it out!

    Please tell me. I needs to go upps..
  2. the one opposite your face.
  3. I have it laying in front of me, Which way ares my face?
  4. hmmm... perhaps when one cannot figure out how to spark a jay they should sober up until they can.

    but if not, here are step by step instructions:

    1) pick up joint

    2)place one end NOT side, into your mouth.

    3)spark lighter

    4)bring flame to the end farthest away from your face.




    8)repeat steps 5-7 until the joint is gone
  5. OK thats how I burn't my finger.

    I decided on my pipe. Lot easier.
  6. better safe than a finger blackened to an ugly crisp
  7. Thats what I think!
  8. lol, i've got some fked up burns tryn to light weed, but hey its all part of the sacrifice for gettin high! :D

  9. Do you light on end A or B
  10. most of my burns involve shorter hair

  11. Nose maybe?
  12. ^^^i got a funny image off of that

    no i only cut my hair once a year, i shave my head at the beginning of the summer and then have enough hair to keep me warm by winter, so my hair is about at my chin right now

  13. LOL!

    Can't get much plainer than that!

  14. Been there burnt that.[​IMG]Never agin!

  15. and yet, i elaborated
  16. LMAO^^^^^^^

    nuff said!

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