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naming my first piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toughtoke21, May 26, 2010.

  1. so i just got my first piece today. its a dark blue (glass) bubbler with a yellow twist in the blue. i would post a pic but i cant find my camra. i just got it home and unwrapped it and smoked a nice, big, warm bowl of some high grade mids. now im sitting here feelin pretty good, thinking about what to name my new piece. any ideas?
  2. I should take pictures of my first bowl and bong, in any case you should try to relate it to an object or something that gives it more meaning.
    For instance, my first bowl(still good) isn't color changing or anything special like that just a normal bowl but it looks cosmic-like, it's green, yellow, and blue and the colors blend in a swirl around the entire bowl and theres sparkles in it. I named it "Stardust" because that's what the bowl reminds me of.
    My first bong is a huge 300$ 3ft tall bong that goes in zig-zag's, I named it "Ziggy". My first two pieces ever named after something that was influential in my life, Ziggy Stardust. Get it?
  3. call it king triton, or dory (finding nemo), idk the blue and yellow make me think of the ocean soo
  4. haha thats pretty good, ill try that.
  5. Got my first real glass spoon a while ago and decided it needed a name. It has this cool almost spiderweb like design on it in red then turning to blue.

    I named it Parker, as in Peter Parker, since I couldn't stop thinking of spider-man when I saw it.
  6. ok, i got to looking at the pipe. and the yellow, faded twists in the pipe made it look like a blue jug draped in a yellow cloth. it made me think of something pursian, and i thoguth, what are the names of some pursian smoking pipes, i came across something called a sheesha wich is a persian versen of the oriental hooka. so thats what i named my new pipe, sheesha
  7. You're going to name your pipe after another kind of pipe?

    That's like naming a spoon "Bong", or a bong "Hookah".

    Come on man, you can do better.

    If it makes you think of persia name it "Xerxes the Great" or something.
  8. well i dident wanna just call it hooka, everyone knows what a hooka is. sheesha, not many people i think gos by that name when it comes to hookas. so its not the pipe im naming it after, im giving it the name sheesha cuz it sounds like a cool name. and most people only know hookas as hookas, not sheesha. so people would think sheesha is just the name of my bong, not thinking it meens something. but the name douse still have a nice persian sound to it wich compliments what it looks like.
  9. Most people will associate the name with shisha tobacco though, bro.
  10. yeah just name it "persia" or something
  11. Don't rush it.

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