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  1. Every time me and my friends get a new bong we always christen it with a name in our first session using it... does anyone else do this or is it just us, if you do what do you name your bongs and reasons why that name... ours are:

    Boris (hence my username) - my friend asked for boris in the session and we were all like wtf, and then this pale faced red eyed boy pointed to the new bong... scored a 10.0 on the lulzometer at the time the name just stuck.

    Baloo - we were watching the jungle book (awesome film when baked btw) on the first session when we bought the bong, and the charachter baloo who is a blatent herber considering all he does is be dopey, eat and chill.

    Ripper roo - It gets you shredded

    Panzer -Named after the panzer tank as the bong is humungous and it obliterates you

    Anyone else do this are all we just a bunch of freaks lol?
  2. yah, i do it haha.. i have a blue bong with a sticker of a boxer with his hands up on it, & i also get the Hello my name is ____ sticker to put on them. I call the blue one Champ.
  3. Haha the Sticker idea is great :p.
  4. Me and my friends came up with a tradition we call the Gauntlet.

    Everytime we buy a new piece, we must smoke ATLEAST once out of all my other pieces, and smoke one joint and one blunt. Everytime no exceptions. At the end of it all, we smoke out of the new piece but before we chief it we must name it. Most of my collections was broken but here is a couple of their names;

    Magellan - A small pipe that looked like a compass(sp?) piece to us
    Green Latern - A one person hookah
    Kingler - A large pipe with color changing glass, looked like a crab arm
    Cock and Balls - A 5$ small pipe, named cock and balls for the terrible taste that it gives for some reason
    Katata Phish - A steam roller with a small fish object in the middle where the smoke from the burning weed enters the steam roller
    Bishop - Another pipe, looks like a bishop from chess(still alive)

    and finally this;


    Named Van Gogh for the swirls on the bong that remind me and my friends of starry starry night, this is my homocidal bong that we accredit the death of all my merchandise. All my friends really broke the pieces, but we laugh that it was really Van Gogh because he was jealous we weren't using him enough(oddly enough the pieces stay alive when we use him a bunch, of course it just might be that because we're using VG we can't break pieces).
  5. yeah i do that too. except we like to name it while tripping. the names are always crazier..:D
  6. yeah everyone here does that too
    any thing you smoke weed outta is named

    first piece I got my girlfriend (who started blazing before me :/) named it dick because it was shaped and apparently was like suckin.. you get the picture

    my bong is a nice blue and white design whos been named Jack Frost
  7. ya, where i used to live (central illinois) everything that was used for smoking was named.
  8. My bong that broke was named SpitFire cause it had a grey spitfire sticker near the mouth piece, and it lived up to it's name very well.

    I also have a blue and white bubbler named "Frosty" cause frosty buds are always in it. :D

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