Naming a piece

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  1. I my bro got a new bubbler and bowl yesterday. So we go back to our friends place to do some christening. The 2 pieces look really similar, like twins or somethin. So then when we were passing them around I say they should be named mary-Kate and Ashly, cuz everyone gets a hit :p

    So how do you guys name your pieces
  2. Hit it and just name it.
  3. I usually get baked and start making jokes about it like i was making fun of a person. Like J. R. Tokin. OR H.R. puffin stuff. kinda like it was a person im making fun of.

    I also some times name it after how hard it hits. Like lucafuge. or Kong. Usually though when you speak its true name you know almost instantly its the one.
  4. Get super duper high, and the first name that sounds right. If your trying hard to name it, it wont sound right.
  5. Just name the pieces when you're high off them, man. :smoke:
  6. thats exactly what we did. i'm not gonna lie i was hoping someone would have so kinda crazy ass process, just so i could see what it was :(
  7. not meaning to hate but am i the only who finds it weird to name pieces. to me there just pieces of glass i use them to get high no special attachment

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