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    Does anyone else understand the phoniness of names?
    Society tries to a put a label on each person, in hope for a way to identify them.
    Names are the identification of the energy that that person is.

    It is the energy that is real, not the name.
    Like, if everyone's name was just a number like "0718452", it would not change WHO they are. It would only change what they identify themselves as, what they respond to.

    Names setup the illusion that whatever name that is given to you, is you. It is not you, it is just a combination of some letters out of a stinking alphabet.

    For example:
    When you say "Hey Michelle", you are trying to grab the attention of the energy that Michelle is. You are not saying hey to just a name, but rather to that energetic being.

    Imagine a world with no names.

    Edit: Hell cars even have names, look at their license plate. Humans are much more than just machines, but the way we are treated is similar to machines.
  2. That's why it's important to have a good name...
  3. Society don't name people, parents do. And so they have done ever since the beginning.
  4. You have to admit though, when you read about what your name means, its kinda freaky some of the similarities.

    Yes I know they use extremely vague responses in which we apply to ourselves so it seems like its a spiritual thing... but sometimes you read about other peoples names and yours is the one that fits who you are.
  5. A world with no names would never happen.

    We as humans need names, names satisfy one of our deepest desires. Order

    Ever since the beginning humans have had the urge to understand and control the world that surrounds us.

    Names are just another 'thing' humans have created in order to understand the world around them. A world without names would be chaos. I wonder if it can be said that names are the reason language started to develop?

    As for the phoniness of names check this link...
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    A combination that identifies your lineage, and hopefully fits to your personality, and hopefully sounds good enough to attract a mate. Either way, you could always change your name to whatever you personally want it to be.

    That would be a pretty confusing world, "hey energy vessel with slightly bigger, lopsided boobs, hey energy vessel with browner hair than energy vessel with blue-ocre eyes but not as brown as energy vessel with tanner skin with bronze hair who differs from....

    Your right names are just labels, however I don't see the upside to not having any names.

  7. Good call on the order thing.
  8. ;) Thanks
  9. I definitely agree with you. I am known for forgetting peoples' names' all the time because I pay much more attention to the persons' aura and personality when I meet them / know them rather than something as stupid and given as a name.

    However, we DO have to come up with a way to call people. And names are nice; if you think about all the languages there are and all the words in the world; to have one of those assigned to you is almost a beautiful thing. :smoke:
  10. gotta distinguish shit

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