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Names of weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SethSexy, May 25, 2009.

  1. Like Kush, Purple Haze, Blueberry YumYum...
    what the fuck does it all mean?
    And what is the best?
  2. They are all strains.
    Different kinds of weed.

    It's like different flowers etc...

    The best is up to the smoker.
    Some people like different tastes, but there are some that MOST people prefer and those are the ones that cost the most.
  3. The best? first you must prefer a choice of sativa or indica( a haed or a body high), then wht characheristics you liek specifically, taste smell, aroma ect. They are names, someimes they can be crossed with other strains and it will get a crazy new name.
  4. each name is a different strain of plant.
    the best depends from person to person. my friend prefers to smoke kush strains while i prefer to smoke purple strains.
    weed that's named like that is all mostly good, unless some dealers just make names up so they can sell weed.
  5. It's no different than other plant cultivars. You've got cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, roma tomatoes, etc. They are all interfertile and basically the same plant, just different phenotypes. It's the same with cannabis.
  6. Genetics is a big deal in weed growing... people have cultivated weed and over time they have breed many different strains to bring out more desirable qualities. The breeders then name their strains w/e they want... so thats how we ended up with so many different names.

    The names dont mean much unless you are buying from a good source, where you can look at the buds and see that they match others from that same strain. Some strains are quite identifiable, others not so much.

    As for what is best, it totally depends on that individual plant and how it was grown, dried, cured, and how it got from the final stage of curing to you. There are also different sorts of high, the biggest difference in highs is in indicas and sativas. So what i consider a good smoke, you may not... people prefer different things.
  7. I wanna try puple haze, but don't know where to get it...
  8. It doesn't exist anymore. The original strain was lost years ago.
  9. Purple haze does NOT exist. That strain died out long ago in the 70s-80s when everyone was so high they forgot to save any seeds or clones. Now, there are multiple purple strains, and purple strains being crossed with other strains to make them purple. But a purple tint can also pe a potassium defiecency while growing. If anybody says they have purple haze, call them out on it because that is bullshit.

    EDIT: shit haha, OSG beat me to it again.
  10. just so theres no unnecessary arguing and shit, yes purple haze was a strain and yes you can get purple haze. unfortuantely nowadays purple phenotypes of haze plants are being passed off as the real deal. unless someone has preserved seeds from back in the day you won't find the real purple haze, so just go out and try to find some kush instead of wasting your time.
  11. Yes it WAS a strain. No you can NOT get it. The original strain is long lost. You can get stuff that someone CALLED purple haze, but it's not.
  12. yes, i know this thats why i said it. i didn't say you can get the strain, i said you can get haze buds that are a purple phenotype. just to clarify

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