Names of Nug you have smoked

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  1. Everyone post the dankest and most exotic bud you have ever smoked! haha this should be fun. Try to list them. i'll start it off.

    -Sour Diesel
    -Cali medical
    -Vermont Headies
    -Brooklyn Phiff

    theres a start guys! lets see what kind of exotic sticky is goin' around these days!

    Peace, Love, and LSD
  2. Some great strains that come to mind are :
    Grape Ape
    Purple Kush
    Jack Herrer
    G 13
    AK 47
    Mango Kush
    Pineapple Kush
    and many many more..
    dank and california go hand in hand haa
  3. oh come on now, you guys have never smoked brown mersh? we all have lol!
    and if i had to sit down here and name every strain of weed i've grown and smoked i'd be here all day lol.
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    purple haze
    silver haze
    fruity pebbles
    juicy fruit
    white shark
    sour diesal
    silver kush
    platinum kush
    golden kush
    bubbleberry kush
    boggleberry kush
    Green monster
    Strawberry cough
    "Space Juice" my buddy grew a cross bred plant and never saw weed like it before so he decided to name it space juice lol, if u smoke it youll understand the name :)

    I have yet to come accross any white widow though :(, and a bunch of other dank I need to try such as trainwreck or northern lights etc etc. :(

    jeck herrer? :(

    heres that ak-47 :) loved it

  5. dude that looks like some tastey fucking weed. it's funny cuz the last time i smoked AK was like 3 years ago i was fucking seeing shit hah. thanks for the post man:):):):)
  6. in all honesty, i've never seen, much less smoked, brown weed. i would probably buy it if i had the chance, just because it's like a novelty or something. makes me sad that my friend in arizona can buy an ounce for $60 and i pay $80 a half for mersh.

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