Names For Your Smoking Piece

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  1. Hi. New to this forum. Joined awhile ago but just been looking around. I am from North Houston, Texas and just work, go to school and enjoy life.

    So, the name I gave my bong is Jack the Ripper. Its my first piece I bought for about $40. Its real basic and is about as tall as a 20z coke bottle, all crystal clear laboratory looking glass. The milk looks so nice and clean going through it.

    My current stash is a 1/4 zip of grape ape. And its delicious!
  2. Nice pick up on the grape ape, if you have a good cam, maybe you can start a pick up thread, everybody loves some pictures of purps and grape ape is def. rare so post that shit up bro. My pieces are Birch, and The Chemist.
  3. Yeah def good pick up on that. Right now i am rockin 1/4 of northen lights, 1/8 of white russia, and 1/8 of sour diesel. My bowls name is tipple and my bong is The peel
  4. My brother's mini bong is named Larry and I named my lung I just built Ted. But i'm mostly a J person.
  5. My bong's name is Synbad, because its a SYN (locally blown, stands for Smokes You Numb) and Synbad is kind of a pirate name and when my buddies and I get ripped we talk about pirates, haha

  6. That was the name of my first bubbler! My parents found it, and I had forgotten about it until now!

    +rep for great minds thinking alike :D
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    Just got my first bong last thursday and named it Clint Beastwood. +rep for repping North Houston. Welcome to the city.
  8. I have a hvy mini bong I named The Mastermind, it seemed appropriate.
  9. I named my bong Captain Planet.
  10. Mines the killer from monty python in search for the holy grail haha im really sure why i just thought of it one day and thats one of my favorite movies lol its a bubbler by the way haha
  11. I just bought a Trident Glass bong and named it Poseidon
  12. I named my bowl ocean city because of a friend who went their and got a crazy high using it.
  13. never named my piece and i've had it around two years now.:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. i named my homemade wood pipe Woody Harrelson
  15. mine is too small and cheap its like namin your dick when your only slangin 3-41/2 inches
  16. I have this little black and white swirly spoon that I named The Punisher. I would put up a pic but my camera is broken.
  17. My bong- viper
    my zong- tube slide, whirlpool
    my bubbler- sirpacksalot
    my pipe- blue widow
  18. my small bong is name ice cube
    my big bong is named frostbite
    my bowl/pipe/spoon w/e is name rasta
  19. it wasnt mine, but a friend from back in highschool had a massive red corn cob pipe he called rudolph. the few times we actually filled it, it was a salad and gave like 5 people 6 pretty good sized hits
  20. Jack the ripper is a great strain too

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