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  1. So, my friends have this code name for weed that i've recently got into using. We call it Jenkins, or Jenks for short. So we say things a long the lines of
    "Grab Jenks and lets go!"
    "Dude, Family Guys so much better when I watch with Jenkins."

    And it just got me wondering what do other people use as a code name
  2. i used code names when i was young

    now my stash sits on my desk, slowly disappearing into the air
  3. Stank, skunk, purpz, DR0, dank, phire, kryptokroniconalike, ewwy, green, sneezy, sniffly, itchy, hindu, witty, critty, baddbuddwilliamz, IllWillChillPillz, kr0nik, CRunK, dobbinz, vinette, phusserbawllz, G00ChSw3AT, and bud.
  4. ^In order from 8th grade - senior year(Present)
  5. exactly what i was thinking.i had a couple kids ask me what kind of weed i had in a gondola at killington once to which I replied "the kind that gets you baked when you smoke it". one kid didnt get it and tried to explain to me he was looking for a specific name and his friend told him to shut up and mind his own.
  6. You call your weed jenkem? Like anus hash?

  7. Lol i know the kids youre talkin about, I know a few like that too haha, "Dude we gotta get some Super Stanky Purple Skunk!!" lol shits a buzzkill.

  8. But as a serious responce to your question, Yes me and my friends used code names. We'd just pronounce it backwards. When were were talking about weed, we'd call it "top" reffering to pot. And lwob - bowl, gnob - bong. but that was wen we were IMing, we would never actually say that lol.
  9. I haven't used any nicknames since I was a kid.

    To be honest I just call it bud, medicine, or weed. Sometimes I'll outright say marijuana.. but I'm a medical patient so I can't be prosecuted for anything other than DUID
  10. Green chile for high grade, Red chile for low grade.

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