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Named Weed vs. No Name

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jc., May 30, 2009.

  1. So I've smoked a couple of times and have had stuff like Hawaiian Haze and California Kush. I usually pay 20 a g, which is average to a little over priced around here, but I don't really mind.

    Well today I bought a g of this stuff that my friend said was headies that was grown outside, for 20. Here are some pictures of it.

    Just wanted to know if it is worth paying this much for a "no name" weed.


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  2. Smoke it and find out for yourself if it was worth it man.
  3. Dont pay attention to names, if it looks dank its dank, there are a lot of fake strains b/c thats just another reason for dealers to push the price up
  4. I hear the term dank all the time. What exactly does that mean?
  5. dank is just slang for good weed
  6. Unless the weed has an official strain name, its THC content cannot exceed 8.7%. Named strains can be between .001% and 99%.

    satire. Hope it proves my point

    spelled that out for you.
  7. Haha, yea, I got ya. Well I can't wait to smoke it. Getting together with some friends on Sunday.
  8. Hope it's every bit as good as the other strains you have had.

    I generally like outdoor bud. It never is as pretty as the indoor stuff, but it can be every bit as good.
  9. My name is Andrew, his name is Mike. We are both people right? We are both living. All weed will get you high, the more "exotic" strains might have more thc, but if it's not legit you are just paying for a name. It could be thunder cunt pussy fuck kush on a dinner table with ketchup, does that mean anything? Nope, just a loooooooong name the dealer has to say over the phone.
  10. So I decided to try a small bowl of this stuff out tonight and I have to say its giving me a nice high.

    The only thing is, I thought headies would give me a different type of high. I'm having the same type of high as I've had, every other time smoked. Like I go in an out of almost like consciousness. Sometimes I'm in control of my body and then other times, I'm kind of just watching me and then suddenly I snap back into like present time. Also, everything seems like it was so long ago.

    Nice high, though.:smoke:
  11. looks like mids to me...
  12. Named buds will ALWAYS be better than no name buds. Expect to pay somewhere between 50 and 100 percent more because this weed is not ordinary weed, but a named strain. Always ask you dealer if he has any strains, that way when he pulls out the second bag that looks exactly like the shit you've been smoking all month and says its master kush, you know your gonna get BLAZED.

  13. Bzzzzt. Wrong. Most strain names are meaningless and only matter to growers or medical patients. Also, a lot of 'no name' stuff only has no name because the person selling it has no idea what strain it was, not because it wasn't a cultivar that some breeder slapped a name onto.
  14. that is sooo true. almost all the dealers here are trying to charge $50 for 3.5 and even at that you still get a 3.3 or 3.4. this reminds me of one time i was smokin with a buddy and his pops and my friend ask his dad what the weed we were smokin was called cuz it was some pretty dank herb and his only response was, "good pot". ever since then thats how i've looked at it, theres good pot and bad pot with some stuff in between
  15. The pictured make the bud look dry and rock solid but I can see hairs and stuff, it's prolly pretty good stuff
  16. Well my friends and I smoked this stuff today. I guess I expected this stuff to be sativa, but it definitely gave me a high like it was indica, where I felt lazy as hell and just wanted to eat and then go to sleep.

  17. I agree, I dont buy by names. I look at the buds. 1st
  18. didn't you read the rest of the post and notice the sarcasm? he said the dealer will pull out a bag that looks identical to what you've been smoking but will get you more high cuz it has a pretty funny imo

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