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namebrand weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by christian999, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. who the fuck cares what your weed is called and what strain it is.if its dank its dank, smoke that shit but it doesnt fucking matter what name it is.half the time i dont even know the name of my weed.and i dont care when i do no what strain it is.the only time i would care is if im growing.
  2. people care just like a car.. they all work fine, but the dank ones are the ones you see blowin by you in some crazy color, looking mighty fine, and making you say, whew! wtf was that?

    get the idea? ;)
  3. Different strains have different genetics.

    Strain names are a great way to track the genetic attributes of a particular crop and to get what you desire when growing or purchasing.

    It's a little overdone sometimes, I agree. Not to mention that unknown or unnamed strains can certainly be as potent at some of the more promoted strains.
  4. my most potent bowls have been no names. but they were homegrown, so i know it wasnt a sketch chem.
  5. Different tokes for different folks.

    Thats just the facts of life
  6. yea. there is no problem is always looking for strain named weed.
    some people like to know and some people dont care.
    i dont mind getting weed with out a name but sometimes it is nice.
  7. people name strains for various reason.
    just getting seeds and growing and switching seeds on the next batch doesnt work for some people.

    medical patients need certain strains, which possess certain characteristics and effects of highness, so they need to know what they are getting and what it does.

    much like dog breeds.
    some people like the full blown shit and some people could just take a mutt.
    its up to you.
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    You dont grow.You dont know how much the breders enjoy growing and breeding.Names are for archiving.What if we didnt have names?We woudlnt be bale to "archive" people as well.With weed its the same.You want to know what plant and breed your smoking.

  9. i like this analogy. makes sense....all weed is weed, but the strains are like a benz or maserati. but again all weed is weed, smoke it wether its got a name or if not...give it your own name lol
  10. ++ amen dude. when you grow your plant, you get attached to it. seeing it grow everyday, the thc start to glob. all of it is truly beautiful.
  11. Yep. Most of my best weed has no name, and when it does have a name, it's usually some bullshit.. whatever people are talking about... a year ago EVERYTHING was sour disel (I have smoked the real thing, nothing against it, it's amazing) then for a while it was ALL train wreck. Then now it's ALL juicy fruit.... you know what I mean. it's a gimmick. Then today I smoked some of my friends amazing purple no name dank.... better than my last so called juicy fruit... again, nothing against it, but it's jsut a damn name, and means next to nothing compared to how it was grown, tended, and stored.
  12. hey there cutie patooty
  13. What an angry 14 year old.
    Using your rationale, why should we have different names for different breeds of dog since they're all dogs, or different flowers since they're all just flowers?
    Without names, keeping track of genetics would be damn near impossible, and for those of us who smoke for medical purposes, and purchase from growers who are on the ball, it's good to know what effects to expect.
  14. i get what your saying. i've smoked great weed that was no name, and named. it doesn't matter, if its dank, its dank.
  15. all i was saying is people shouldnt be caught up on the name of the bud and if its popular or not.just look for the dank shit.names dont matter unless your buying medical or your the grower
  16. I like named strains because then I know what kind of high I'm going to get before I buy. It's simple as that. Either I've smoked that strain before and know or I can find out from someone else.
  17. I am so damn scared of some teenager on the internet.Get a life.I am not starting shit I just stated a simple comment thats truth,then you get your panties in a bunch.I also didnt get raped in jail so I am by no means a punk.
  18. Well I sure as hell didnt see that in the first post.
  19. Dude you're honestly a fucking idiot.

    You oviously don't understand that the name of a strain, which the GROWER named, has actual genetics behind it.

    Therefore, you will be able to understand if it is a sativa, indica, or hybrid.
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    I'd have to disagree that strains aren't an issue. I happen to like indicas, and hybrids that tend to be indica heavy, for some reason i just don't get nearly as high with sativa's.

    First off, while I do have a medical card, my medical needs can be taken care of by pretty much anything, and they don't come up that often, so I'm not looking for anything to treata major persistant issue

    I like being able to walk into dispensary and look at the boards and see what they have that'll fit what im looking for AND ill be able to learn about the characteristics of the strains. THEN when i come to the dispensary next time and I see something newer like "Pot o wreck" or Early Girl x AK47, or Early Diesel, or NYC Diesel x Lemon Drop i have a good idea of how it'll treat me, and I can further develop my taste and continue to hunt for the perfect strain for ME.

    You're right though, people shouldn't get caught up in the name. It's just a matter of convenience. Instead of having to say, "oh yeah, i want some of that dank i had last time, you know the relaxing, social, narcotic, kinda frosty, and euphoric, kinda smelled like pine trees" I can say, "A zip of the headband please" and that's that.

    However, if I'm dry, no dispensaries around, and a dealer has some no name dank, I'm not gonna be picky. :smoking::smoking::smoking:

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