Name this weed..

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, Feb 16, 2004.

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  4. Not sure what strain it is, but looks like some pretty bomb weed to me. :)
  5. i would have a better idea if you sent me some to smoke for free
  6. umm wow! thats awesome! i wish i had that! but i dont..*sniff* right on!
  7. yeah man, why do you want a bunch of faceless names on the internet to try to guess the strain of that weed? all i know is, you have some huge buds and it looks like some dank shit. smoke it up!
  8. looks like really good mids or some good skunk. looks good thou, How much you pay 4 it?
  9. This isn't my stuff.. It's a friends all he knows about it is that it's Hyrdro.. Looks like some good shit to me.. Reminds me of Lowryder I had..
  10. uhhhhhh good weed.
  11. doesnt look like dro at all.... soem pretty nice dank though
  12. Looks like G13 or some P-91, Looks skunky !
  13. That looks exactly like good kb or kind bud. My friend in miami told me they call it krippy down there or something so it may have a different name where you live.

    And also I don't think it is hydro, cause I had some hydro about a month ago and it had tons of crystals and looked much much different, but maybe it is just a totally different strain....
  14. as far as i know you can't tell hydro weed from soil weed, as it's just the way it's grow, one in hydro, and one in soil, if it's the same strain and grown both ways, there are still arguements from the best growers in the world which tastes better..........Peace out..........Sid

  15. Yea they call it krippy or krypto and that is not it because krypto is some of the bangines shit ive smoked and didnt look like that.
  16. I think its jack herrer is that how u spell it???
  17. it looks nothing like jack herer to me

    it just looks like some random san diego dank
  18. It's not from around San Deigo it's from Boston..
  19. Sid Lays It All Down Eh

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