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Name this artwork

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by LonerStoner, May 21, 2003.

  1. Anyone know what this picture is called or who it is by? I wanted to find a better quality picture that is bigger for my backround.

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  2. i don't know the name but that looks like a piece from M.C. Escher.

  3. Yah, its totally Escher...the name is either "House of Stairs" or "Relativity" ...I can't remember.
  4. that would be realtivity
  5. <a href=http://www.mcescher.com>
    House of Stairs, 1951
  6. ahhh, escher.

    the dude was a craftsman. a manipulator of physics, a manipulator of images and a manipulator of the mind.
    the dude was... a craftsman.

  7. nah, he was only trippin' with perspective. i love the endless water-aquaduct thing he made. basically a simple cube that's twisted in perspective so that it seems like the water is flowing downstream in an endless loop. awesome.

    wonder if he was on drugs :)
  8. I remember doing some 'work' on Escher in second year at my school. I say work, but in fact, they actually made us copy the picture (!?). It seems like a rather lazy way to teach us about the man's perspective and inspirations... "copy this".

    Although I could be wrong, Digit, didn't you do art at college? Maybe the method would be a considered a good way of getting inside the artists head. Speaking of your physical artistic days, I remember seeing an exhibition including some of your work. I was very impressed! In fact, I left a comment stating that an obscure painting of the inside of the St. Magnus Cathedral by you was the highlight!
  9. I did a bit of searching and I recognised the picture I was saying about. It was 'Three Worlds.'

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  10. Thanks everyone.

  11. i personally am not a fan of copying, no matter the reason for it... but we still had to do some of that @ college. i blame the facisto mega bitch head tutor. anyways... i'll say no more on that subject or i'll b bitching for days.

    that Cathedral picture is hanging up in my mum's sitting room right now.
    i think i remember that (comment).
    i still do "physical" art (or traditional as i call it)... just not quite as much... and its all way more surreal these days. except i do have a three shitty water colour landscapes for sale in a couple galleries. bleh! i hate that crap.

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