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Name My strain

  1. Big Bud

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  2. Hawaiian

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  1. High all, a friend gave me some seeds awhile back. The seeds he gave me were a 'mixture' of Big Bud and Hawaiian.
    Can you take a guess at what strain this is? Thanks!
    9 weeks flower under a 400 MH

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  2. Here's another shot...

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  3. describe the smell, but at a glance i would say big bud
  4. its Hawaiian Big Bud...Both
  5. looks damn tasty to me :D
  6. Hi 420 Shade. Do you know if it is Big Bud or Hawaiian?
  7. Is That a picture of bob hawlk's face all screwed up i see in the corner. I would not have a clue about the strain there but from what 420 show i do too see HAWAIIIII.
  8. wether its hawiin or big bud it looks good enough to eat ;) or SMOKE hehe nice plant

  9. That weed looks animated.
  10. an·i·mate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-mt)
    tr.v. an·i·mat·ed, an·i·mat·ing, an·i·mates

    To give life to; fill with life.
    To impart interest or zest to; enliven: “The party was animated by all kinds of men and women” (René Dubos).
    To fill with spirit, courage, or resolution; encourage. See Synonyms at encourage.
    To inspire to action; prompt.
    To impart motion or activity to.
    To make, design, or produce (a cartoon, for example) so as to create the illusion of motion.

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