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name the strain??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by destroya, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. hey guys , ive been growin this babies for like 4 and a half months , this were bag seeds of some good stuff i bought sometime ago but i dont know actually the strain or type. So i would like to hear some opinions on the strain. this are 2 plants. Quite similar but different caracteristics. The first 2 pictures are the same plant, one with flash and without. Then the next 3 pictures are the other plant. This is my secong grow ever. The first one was smokable but not like this one promises to be. As of today i already harvested the plants, now they are drying.
    thnx in advance!


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  2. Sacocker nelly OG, placed 2nd in the southeast asian cannabis cup 2.5 years ago

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  3. can you elaborate? 
  4. One of the plants possibly looks like a Sativa, due to the tall upper growth in the 4th pic.
  5. Skunk-kush cross...  :confused_2:
  6. Call it Costanza but pronounce it like the 'by Mennen' jingle.

    Looks tasty
  7. thnx. the shorter plant had the better smell, sweet-pungent with a little citrus. The tallest one smelled more pine - green like. the tase needs to improve as i think i didnt flushed very well . 
  8. Sorry I honestly don't have any idea what those are but just wanted to say that they're beautiful! Good work!

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  9. One of the plants possibly looks like a Sativa, due to the tall upper growth in the 4th pic. [​IMG]

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