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Name the Strain -- The First!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SuperDigityDank, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Ahaa! Something I will be doing as much as I can, as a new member of this awesome community...


    A Small Game within the SMOKING AND USAGE!!!
    A little Competition! now you can see who can guess it right! I will be giving a picture of the mass of buds, a close up of one bud, and a detailed description of the buds... Name what it is, or what you think it is! You have 3 Strains to name per post! You can post only 1, 2 or 3 posts!

    Also, it is to help me learn - and master - the names of the strains, and how easy it is to figure out the strain. Most I will know, but some I do not. This is one of those that I do not, but I have my suspicions.



    Well, as far as I can currently tell, is that it has dark red, to orange hairs, dark green leafs with orange, yellowish shades are on some of the leaves. Well, I'll get better at explaining this better. My guesses tho is its orange kush, maybe kali just due to the odor. But I can't figure it out, I may be way off even.

    Please keep this thread going!
  2. I'm nit clicking on a link just upload te pix right
  3. What's it taste like?
  4. @Reppin 713 - Eh, but they are really big coming from my android... I promise you, nothing bad will ever pop up. Not on this.

    @S0UR - It has a sweet taste... I taste something like orange, hint of lemon I think...
  5. The nug all the way to the right kind of looks like an OG, you said it smells lemony kind of right? But it sort of looks like 2 different strains, the rest looks like some kind of diesel maybe, no that's not diesel. I'm too lit for this lol.
  6. Nugs look kinda Kushy to me, but I've never been good at strain identification (unless its something I get all the time like blue dream or OG, but I still need to smell both of these to know)
  7. It smells like lemon... Yeah defiantly a Lemony smell
  8. master kush
  9. Could be some super lemon haze :smoke:
  10. top three look like an og and the bottom three look like super lemon haze.
  11. Sweet. I like getting a variety :p

    Btw, I smoked one of those little nugs, just one of those, and Im still fucking stoned. About to smoke another bowl, ahaaa Thanks guys. Ill post a List of most helpful in the next one, since this one wasn't full competition.
  12. oh okay that sounds like some OG that i got. but..... wait..... OG smelled kind of like fruit punch to me..... but that isn't blue enough so thats out.... it looks kind of like Kush... so idk

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