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  1. My plant a while back I thought had a calcium/mag deficiency. I have yet to do anything about that yet because life has been on my ass. So if this looks like calcium deficiency let me know. It looks different from the first outbreak of symptoms though. Also didn't know if it could be heat stress. Also wanted to know where I could get ph strips to see if my ph could be a problem. Any thoughts? Whenever I post nobody seems to reply so if I could get some opinions that would be swell. Thank you everybody :)

    In happy frog soil
    Strain unknown
    Haven't watered in about 4-5 days
    Under 6 different cfl bulbs
    Size of pot unknown
    Halloween day will be the start of the 6th week of veg since being put in dirt

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    PH test kits are usually in the aquarium section of any pet store also in the pool/hot tub supplies of a walmart/target etc.

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  3. Thank ya! I'll go get some soon and post what it says
  4. I got stuff to test the ph, will update in a little while. Thought I should mention it's only newer growth that shows signs of the deficiency. Also I've had "the claw" since I fed her a while back. She got a water with nutes, then distilled, then nutes, then watered twice with no nutes. How long does the nitro toxicity take to go away?
  5. I found out about the toxicity after feeding, how many more waterings will it take to stop affecting my plant?

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