Name the cause of possible death!!!!

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  1. Greetings, Alf hits 14 days from germination tomorrow. Alf has 0 nutes,
    Water ph 7 sometimes 7.3, 18 on 6 off, mist after 3 hours lights on. Havent been watered since Tuesday today Friday first watering. Temp Hi is 86 lows 75 with rh steady 40%. Fan is blowing in box to keep cool. WHY IS HE DIEING????? Should I transplant now or no

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  2. I'm not a soil grower, but it looks like several things could be wrong. pH too high, too much air blowing on plants, and worst of all starvation (or even nute burn, if soil had nutes). If you decide to feed, go easy. These weeds can take a lot, so it might survive.
  3. Looks like typical nute burn. Your soil is likely too hot in nutrients. And your pH is also too high, but I'm sure you know that because literally every beginning guide tells you what it should be.
  4. I planted 3 blue dream seeds in some garden compost the other week cause id run out of coco. They all died i hate soil..

    Iv used coco for so long i forgot about the nutes in the soil . #idiot #buymoreseeds
  5. That's because compost will kill marijuana seeds 100% of the time. Don't blame the soil, blame the grower.
  6. Meowwww. see amendment i posted while you were thinking of your insult
  7. Sounds like you used crap soil lol

    It's like anything else - you get what you pay for with soil.

  8. I only have the fox farm soil in there no extra nutes.
  9. Really? Compost kills marijuana seeds?? Lol

  10. I didn't throw any insult your way. Go have a coffee and relax a bit
  11. She no likie that Bloody Cartoon in the background maybe..:ey:
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  12. Oh 100% lol some shit i had left over for potting flowers in the back garden.
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  13. Jerry's badass organic growing compost that you put together yourself > store garden flower compost.
  14. Hence the meow it was tounge in cheek.

    Chill out have an ice tea
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  15. Sorry I don't get cat jokes.
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  16. Lol fairline more of a dog person myself

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  17. Again - you get what you pay for.

    You're right though - much store bought compost is VERY dense and heavy and probably shouldn't be used exclusively to start seeds. It simply retains too much water.

    Properly mixed into sphagnum Peat or a light soil mix, though, and there's nothing better than compost to get seedlings off to a healthy start.

  18. I would argue even the most expensive compost would kill a seedling. Price has nothing to do with it, simply too many nutrients in compost. Now once you cut compost with peat, Perlite, cocoa, or whatever and turn it from compost to a soil mix, well of course that would be suitable. Maybe I misunderstood the OP and that's exactly what they did and they are experiencing a totally different problem.

    Anyone else have some ideas to help the OP?
  19. Just saw this post, Fox Farm Ocean Forest is sometimes too hot, I've lost seedlings the same way. I love used Fox Farms happy Frog without issue for seeds though, goodluck.
  20. I make my own from scratch and young plants/seedlings love it.

    It's not ever the fact that there's too many nutrients in compost it comes down to whether the organic source of the nutrients is properly broken down and stable.

    It's kind of like adding a mess of organic soil amendments into a fresh soil mix. If used right away the soil will surely burn a plant but allowed to break down (compost) and stabilize and it'll never burn a plant.
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