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  1. hey GC, i have had these little bugs for over a week now and cant get ride of them!!! i've blasted my room with c02 when the lights are off, put this bug killer that a guy at the hyrdo store gave me. he said it works on just about all bugs.. between that and the c02, it definitely helped. i killed tons of them. but the eggs just keep hatching or something! here are some pictures.. the zoom was way in so sorry about the quality of the pics but its the best i could do for such tiny buggers.. sooooooooo my big questions are... What kind of bugs are these???? and How in the world do i kill them???!!

    Some have wings.. others don't.. looks like 2 different kinds of bugs..:mad::mad:

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  2. nobody has any suggestions huh :(.. or nobody has ever seen this critters before.....
  3. I can't tell for certain from the pics, but I do have a question...

    Are they on the plants too?
  4. HIGH All, Pics 1, 5 and Sex Look like Weevils and Pics 2, 3 and 4 Looks like some kind of Aphid...Google these Pests and you'll find All kinds of info.
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    not really.. i found a small number of the ones that fly sitting on a left but not like they are attracted to the plants. most all of them are hanging out around the soil.

    I got one of those pest strips a couple of days ago and it has done no good :mad:

    ya i was thinking aphids cause ive seen a couple of them a slight green color..

    the bugs in pics 2 3 and 4 all have wings.. if you look close you can see the wings folded back.

    ps - they are tinyyy.. my camera has a magna zoom on it. so they look wayy bigger in the pics.
  6. A couple pics appear to be Fungus Gnats (winged)...common but don't let them get out of control as they lay there eggs in your soil and the larvea feed on your roots. Pest Strips, H202 diluted with water to kill the larvae on contact and Neem Oil to stop the adults from breeding. The other critters appear to be Aphids and or possibly Weavils:confused:...Good luck.;)
  7. Looks like a root aphid or some other aphid as suggested already.

    Corn Root Aphid

    Kill them!
  8. H202??? diluted huh.. this wont damage my plants??!! I've never heard of using hydro p for the larvae. however at this point I'm willing to try anything. any idea on how much h202 i should put in the water so that it kills the larvae but wont hurt the plants??

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