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  1. alright.. i'm gonna throw out a lyric, all ya gotta do is name the band it came from, and song... easy enough right?.. it could be fun..

    we'll start with an easy one..

    "i don't ask why, i just fall into the meadow. I close my eyes and I wait to die. Yes I am a liar, yes I am a sinner, please forgive my broken soul..."
  2. i am definitely clueless on this one. is this so easy that i'm missing it or??
  3. um.. more underground band than anything.. look on those top 10 bands on my post if you're that clueless.. it's one of those bands.. good luck :)
  4. hehehe.....

    (hed) pe- the meadow

    "for the times that you wanna go and bust rhymes real slow
    i'll appear, slap you on the face, and enjoy the show"
  5. (hed) pe is the fucking king shit, i had a icp cd (the riddle box) with a sample of them on it like a while ago. I had a burnt cd with some of there tunes but then lost it, i haven't heard anything from hed sense.
  6. yay.. weezer!- dope nose.

    on another note, yes.. hed pe is awesome..

    alright.. he's another lyric...

    so easy...

    "now she's calling me daddy in the backseat naked of her new volkswagon, the perfect little gift for highschool graduation"
  7. ah .. custom
  8. ok. so post another quote now.. once we get this ball rollin it'll work :)
  9. sensimil, your go. . . :)
  10. Is this band making money?
    I don't know
    It's the writing on the wall
    All my friends drink alcahol
    I'm too drunk to light the bong
  11. sublime- greatest hits :)


    "breathe in for luck breathe in so deep this air is blessed you share with me this night is wild so calm and dull these hearts they race from self control..."
  12. dashboard confessional- hands down

    alright, now an easy one..

    "awaitin' for the train that goes home, sweet mary
    hopin' that the train is on time sittin' downtown in a railway station..."
  13. toke over the linnnnnnnnne!

    brewer & shipley

    hey nice going amateur on greatest hits. (its my fav! song ever)


    "If you're gonna live, then live it up and if you're gonna give, then give it up if you're gonna walk the earth then walk it proud and if you're gonna say the word you got to say it loud"
  14. Ben Harper- Fight for your mind..

    i had to ask around about that one.. good job:)

    greatest hits is an awesome song..

    ok.. lemme see..

    "cinnamon and sugary and sofly spoken lies, you never know just how you look through other peoples eyes.."

    ah i love that song.. :) good hunting
  15. butthole surfers- pepper.


    "shakin booty makin sweet love all the night.. it's time i got back to.."
  16. weezer- the good life

    damn mugzee.. you love you some weezer don't ya?.. it's ok man.. so do i..:)

    i love this song..

    Take a bite of this apple
    Mr. corporate invents
    Take a walk through the jungle
    Of cardboard shanties and tents

    happy hunting :)
  17. ah, that would be Cake...

    this should be easy..but hell theyre great lyrics!

    "With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
    Try this trick and spin it, yeah
    Your head will collapse
    If there's nothing in it
    And you'll ask yourself.............."

    goooooooood luck!
  18. the pixies- where is my mind.. i believe.

    what to post, what to post...?

    Well I am too young
    And they are too old
    The joke is on you
    This place is a zoo
    You're right, it's true

    that's real easy guys..
  19. ugh. the strokes. i had to look up the name , hard to not a fan but i knew em....good guess on the pixies. what a song eh. (it was where is my mind btw)

    ok..come on people!!!!!! me and am are rocking these lyrics!!! try gonna try n get harder with mine...

    Along the way to close my eyes
    I lost where I was going
    the more it will spin
    the more that I try
    to stop my mind flowing away, away
    to all that I despise
    along the way to close my eyes

    eh maybe not that hard but....we'll see!
  20. no guesses eh? hmmm..hint..the band comes orginal.

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