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    I've never seen a thread like this, and it seems like fun. Got the idea from the movie screenshot game.

    How to play
    Pick one of your favorite songs, and edit it down to a very small snipet. At most these edits should be about 5 seconds long to make it more challenging for people to guess the song. Whoever can guess the song posted before them gets to post a song of their own.

    To edit and post song pieces
    You should be able to do this with any recording software. I use Garage Band.
    -open recording software
    -create a new track
    -insert the song you are using into the track
    -edit it down to only the part you want others to hear
    -save it and export it to itunes/other mp3 program
    -change the names and artists of the track so it wont show your personal or song info
    -manage attachments>>>choose file>>>attach>>>post

    It's going to be more fun if people don't post super obscure/hard to guess stuff. Also more fun if you don't look it up either. good luck! and should be fun if enough people want to play.

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