name that pest! (macro pic inside)

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    these little white buggers can be found under my planter after waterings, and seem to be coming out from the root system. you could fit about 100 of them on a dime. each is in the 1mm range, give or take. without a close look theyre easy to miss. they squirm a little but dont jump around.

    my soil mix is organic, with worm castings and peat moss, verm, perlite. when i mixed the soil there were adult grey roley-polies in the castings, are these their larvae? they dont seem to get any bigger, havent seen any adults either and this has been going on for about 2 weeks.

    the plant seems to be fine, and i cant find ANY bugs other than under the planter itself. checked the topsoil, under leaves etc. nothing flying around either.

    so what are these fuckers? and should they be on my shit list? they dont seem to be fungus knats or thrips or something harmful. i watered/soaked with a light hydrogen peroxide mix, but they didnt seem to mind it. btw, i feed with the FF trio of nutes.

    thanks for the help gc!
  2. i had similar worms in a bag of cheap soil, turned out mine were a type of compost worm and they only feed on dead plant matter... so it didnt affect them at all.

    I'm not a bug expert though and can't be sure your little worms are the same ones i had.
  3. look like mealworms
  4. these are too small to be mealworms i think.
  5. even meal worms start out as eggs so it is possible... I dont really think that's what they are though.
  6. what did they arrive in?
  7. that is probably the most important question... whatever they are you dont want them.
  8. dont know what they arrived in, im guessing either the worm castings (had redworms in it too) or my peat moss. or maybe from an outside source, who knows.

    does anybody recognize these little mini-maggots? keep in mind, maybe 1mm each, very small. no black head (like a a fungus gnat larva would have), and no other bugs visible. so far, no damage to the plant. :confused:

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