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Name some yellow haired strains

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Headie, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. a buddy of mine just came up with some unknown nugs that were dark green with bright yellow hairs he said hes gotten purple bud with yellow hairs before as well just wondering if anyone else has cam accross yellow haired strains and if so what are they cant find any in the seed vendors..
  2. Premature bud. Gotten it many of times.
  3. no deffinatly not premature very couchlock high a bit over mature it seems, picking bud prematurly (which ive done many times sad to say) has never resulted in yellow hairs for me at first they are white then orange or red after dried but this stuff was very dense and very couchlock deffinatly professionaly grown very very good thats why im wanting to find out what strain(s) have yellow hairs i have seen red orange and purple but this is my first time seeing yellow
  4. noone huh?..
  5. i seen some shit that was shipped in hay that was mad dry and smelled like horses that had yellow hairs. It got you pretty stoned, heh (im not joking yo)
  6. Ive had Granddaddy Purp from a club in kali that was purple with yellow hairs.
  7. lucky bastard.

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