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name rankings

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShMarcus, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. im trying to figure out all these names and how they rate, help me please

    ex. dank,mids,headies,chronic, etc...
  2. To be honest its a big clusterfuck of made up names that people apply their own meaning to....There is no one universal ranking. There are different words that mean the same thing and different rankings all over the country and the world.Just watch as you get replies and you will see inconsistencies

    To me its : shwag<midgrades<regs<goodshit<headies

  3. Basically, they are rating from bad to good in stoner lingo. In your'e example, the best weed would be described as dank, headies, or chronic. Mids are exactly what the name implies. Mid range weed. The shittier stuff can be referred to as ditch weed, schwag, etc.

    It doesn't take long to get used to all the ridiculous lingo that we use!

    I know it's a little endless, but this should help....

  4. Chronic is usually the good one.:smoking:
  5. I've noticed that on this site people use way different words (and they use words differently than people would use them around here). For example when I say dank, I'm referring to a certain smell that some weed has. That really skunky, strong smell. Headies/Regs/Mids/Dank, none of those are really used as a measure for potency around here. I hear more words like fire, cool, rope, random slang words like that to describe weed.
  6. pretty much where i am from Fire/ Dank = named strains, Headies or Dro = randon no name good weed. Then you have Mids/Regs = the regular weed has seeds and dried out.
  7. When I was new to weed, a freshman in high school, it was ranging like this:
    Reg(Lowest quality, but potency varies) - usually runs at about $5/g
    Mid(Better than reg, but still not that great)- usually the same price as reg but varies depending on quality
    Anything Better- All good dank varies from $10 to even $35 for a gram.
    If you're new, no high priced bud should have seeds.
    And hairs/stickiness is always good!
    Happy toking!

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