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Name of your bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 521zy89, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering what you named your bong. I was thinkin about naming my new homeade one. Damn i love that thing.
  2. i cant remember the names of most of my bongs but my favourite one ever was (is, wherever it's @) is called 'the Blue Tull Bong'... and the coolest looking one i ever made was called the 'Jimi Hendrix gives ya yer fix bong' but i that was too much of a mouthfull so i just called it the jimi bong for short. both were were painted glass. jimibong had a picture of jimi on one side and a leaf on teh other... looked really kewl when u held it upto the light.
  3. The telemagikal squeal flute, Mr. Fillibuster Jenkins....thats my baby :D
  4. Mr. Towlie, well i just call em towlie, i got the name from south park.
  5. am i high...or would it be fucking hilarious if somebody named thier bong, "joint"...HAHAHA
  6. Tron. All my peiced are named after science fiction moives or people or super heros.
  7. your right, the next bong i get i gotta name it joint
  8. Dude, I thought I was the only freak who named my bong. I've got one named Lucifer, one called the She Devil and another called the Chrome Ali.
  9. I have one bong i call Dr. evil and a little pipe i call mini-me. Lol, I love those austin powers movies!
  10. mine is morpheus
  11. #1-Bong
    #4-Kionea (i'm not sure how to spell it, got it off of Tenchi Muyo)
    #5-Lava Lamp
    #6- we haven't named it yet but for now we just call Bign'
  12. my friend has a picture of jenna jameson on his bong so we call it the boob tube
  13. me and my friends have a blue glass bong about a foot tall called "Oglaba" teh name came frome one night i didnt know his mom was right there and i just mumbled out oglaba and it has stuck i was talking to hiom about teh bong and i mumbled oglaba sorry it was confusing
  14. i got a TINY bong about 1 inch diamater and like 8 inches tall ....... a nice little one for kryp... called The Midget ...... it's pocket size too lol
  15. Hey MeanGreen, you have part of my song on your thing!
  16. our 2-footer is "sir smokesalot"
    our 18-incher is "MrChillz" coz he's perfect for ice
    our 1-footer is "Biggie Smalls" because he's small but packs a BIG punch

    the pipes don't ALL have names YET but i love 'em all !
  17. I have a ceramic bong that i think I'm gonna name "Humpty Dumpty" because I had to glue it back toghter when it broke in half cause I'm poor!
  18. Billy Bong.

    =) Its big blue glass

  19. ok ... no need for a poll... the winner for the prize of best named bongs goes to ganjaphish! for her most logical and stoned naming practices.
  20. hey IceCreamKidd, One time I was so high that I started to call my boyfriend Billy Bong. (he had on a Billabong shirt)
    Stupid now, but it was so fucking funny at the time, and that just reminded me of it. Not that you care...

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