name of that thing you dab on

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  1. first you heat it w a torch then put a thing over it then dab the wax on there hit it....hit it.... hit it.......hold.......exhalecoughing ugghhh hooo ughhh hoo ughhh hooo AAahhhhhhh!!!!!!1!!! High as
  2. ......or just a "nail"
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    Yeah most people just call them nails. There are glass nails and titanium nails. Ti nails are the titanium nails ;)

  4. Mmmm Ti for Titanium maybe ? :smoke:
  5. Skillet and Nails. Skillet is the big piece of titanium, The nail usually has a dome around it and the nail itself can be made from Quartz, Glass, or Titanium (Ti).

    IMO Nail>Skillet Any day
  6. glass nail thinking about getting a titanium one soon
  7. there's a nail, which is usually the ones where you heat em up and put a dome over it

    and then there's pad, skillet, dish etc. its all the same. those are the ones that have like a bell shaped thing over the pad

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