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name my piece?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BUD- Not Buddy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Okay so I just bought this spoon about a week ago for $32 at a local headshop... I can't think of a name for it though.. help me out xD
  2. Name it cock, then every time you smoke you'll be sucking cock for weed... just a thought
  3. name it "skinny" :]

  4. maybe.
    btw, southeast texas? what city?
  5. Name it "You Dont smoke Enough"

    Dam, i had my piece for less than a week and it was caked with resin..
  6. Tornado.

    It's all twirly and shit on the neck of the bowl where the smoke passes through. When you smoke it, the thing definitely has to look like a tornado. Plus, it's a badass name.

    DO IT...... DO IT......... DOOOO IT!
  7. This... or cock
  8. I was gonna say Sea-Dick myself
  9. Name it eggplant!:hello:

  10. these pics were taken like the day after I bought the bowl I just got around to posting. lol
  11. oh, haha, well thats cool.
  12. When I saw the pic "Elly" popped into my head. It goes with the green.
  13. I bought almost the exact same pipe for 10 dollars canadian. Mine changes colours.
  14. Salisbury.
  15. name it ivory.
  16. Egg Mcmuffin... maybe im just hungry
  17. Whatever name you go with, you can only use one that you came up with while stoned. Trust me on this one....
  18. well some people say "central texas" haha
    buttt i stay around galveston island
  19. You shall call it, Sandy.

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