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Discussion in 'General' started by Roniin, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. 6 weeks old, German Shephard / Pitbull mix. Tan color, fade to black ears, black tail. Drinks non-stop, always gotta hunt her down from wondering off, and everything is a chew toy lol.
    The guy who gave me her named her for the one day he had her, named Lexus (other pup/her sis named Mercedes). Not a Toyota fan so i call her lexy, but want something more from me than previous dude.
    I'm thinking somewhat cannabis related, my other dog named Marley. I like kush, but mom ain't a fan. So I'm thinking a little more subtle, like Marley.
    I was thinking Haze, few others but nothing popped out. Any help would be great, thx!
    (Oh ps, no Mary/Mary Jane, don't like human first names for dogs)

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  2. I don't think you should limit yourself to weed related names.

    Back in the day when I got a new piece, we'd all get high off of it and I'd get stoned and just look at it and sort of let the name come to me.

    If I were you I'd ditch the weed name concept and just get all chill and play with her and see if a name pops into your head.

    She is super adorable, btw :D
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  3. Haha thanks. If the names good it don't have to be cannabis related, anyone got ideas tho lmk

    Also, if anybody here knows dogs, does she look like a pit / pit mix to you? Concerned i may been lied too cuz her paws are pretty small. But ive looked up gs/pit mix pups and she looks like them. What y'all think?

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  4. Little Ms Shit On Your Carpet and Chew Your Rug?

    Or if your thinking something cannabis related you may as well just go the full hog an name her fourtwenty or chronic (chron chron for short?) or something.

    Maybe joey? Lanette? - looks like she could have some attitude if she wanted.

    (this is what happens when you ask stoners to name your dog! :love-m3j:)

    edit: she is gorgeous!
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  5. Trike. As in trichomes.
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  6. Call her Doodlebug :) Awesome dog !
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  7. I don't have pit experience but I had a german shepherd boxer mix when I was a kid. You can see the german shepherd in her for sure. Or maybe I just think I can. But I think I can. And hey if there's any chance you'll ever be looking at renting with her, I'd avoid the pit bull stigma as much as possible.
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  8. She's cute man deff a keeper, German Shepard's are my favorite breed tbh.

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  9. Adding onto my last post but also keep in mind there are some pretty small pit bulls. They aren't rottweilers, they can be tiny and cute (and typically still pure muscle).

    I had a friend with a pure-bred pit who was maybe 2/3rds the size of my german shepherd mix. She was a tiny little girl, still all muscle and super cute though.
  10. Own a home so I'm straight on that front Jane :) I'm gonna have to pay dna test i guess. I'm kinda ocd about that, i know my genes, my dog Marley is a beagle/springer spaniel, reek is a wire hair terrier, and i know "lexy" has some germ s., but the pit, idk- bothers me lol.

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  11. Dna testing for dogs isn't that accurate.
  12. EVA

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  13. Neh dab don't really sound like a female name. And more subtle that just dab, i consider Marley a related name

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  14. Looks like she has a lil pit in her. Pits come in a variety of sizes.. there is one at work today that is an adult and not much bigger than a beagle. If she has small paws, she probably won't grow too big. It's not a sure fire thing, but a lot of pups feet tend to grow first and then the rest fills in. A DNA test might help.. but really, dog DNA is all mutted up as it is. Unless she came from a purebred line mixed with another purebred, you'll probably get all sorts of readings.
  15. Wait a few weeks to name your puppy. Take your time. The name will come to you when its right.
    Please make sure you get the puppy some shots. Three sets. 2-3 weeks apart. Don't mess with his shots. At six weeks He is fixing to loose his moms milk protection so if he gets a whiff of parvo he's not going to beat it

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  16. Right on, thanks. She gets her last worm round today, along with her rabies/dapv (or whatever) shots too.

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  17. Rabies she should get around 12 weeks when she gets her third round. She should get her first set at 6 weeks. If she gets them any sooner the moms milk interfares and the shot dosnt count

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