Name My New Glass?

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  1. I know there are a lot of these threads already, butttttt my new piece needs a name! It wasn't very expensive but I still think it's cool. What do you guys think? 

  2. How about..

    Blue pipe.

  3. Bubble Butt.
    Come on, it's perfect.
    But if not, maybe something about the Pacific? I dunno, I only use dumb unique names (Like Stinky Pinky for my old gold fumed pipe, haha)
  4. I really like Neptune! Neptune it is!! Thanks to everyone :)
  5. The first thing that came to mind was Cubix. Pretty... lame... but awesome at the same time!
    Cool piece btw.
  6. Or maybe Cublix. Cuz its blue. WOAHHHHHHHH... right?
  7. The pipe reminds me of the blue humanoids from the movie 'Avatar'
  8. I was thinking geminye

    Peace and Love

  9. Blue butt plug
    The masturbator
    Rectum Reaper
    Sphincter sergeant
    Colon commando
  10. Wesley Pipes?
  11. I like Neptune from above,
    But Blue sea might be a good one.
    Just make sure it's something that goes with that color because that's a beautiful piece you got there. 
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    [quote name="Omega369" post="18405499" timestamp="1374781967"]Blue butt plugThe masturbatorRectum ReaperSphincter sergeantColon commando[/quote]Lol looks like some 15 year old needed to put in his opinion :D"lolz hay guyz I just discovers sex, I R awesome"Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. If that's the kind of sex you are receiving, then godspeed my friend.
  14. Sorry fail.... Learn to comprehend things better :)

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  15. I comprehend it alright. Just found it weird you related "rectum reaper, sphincter sergeant, colon commando and butt plug" to sex.

    It's alright though, I have nothing against the homosexual community!
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    Dude... first off get your mind out of the gutter,you OBVIOUSLY did not comprehend shit. If you weren't so hung up on everything sex like a little pre-pubescent boy you would realize I said nothing about homosexuality or anything of the sort.
    What I did do was called you out for having the maturity level of a 15 year old, which you continue to back up with your responses,not my fault you're too dumb to figure it out.
    I think maybe you are the homosexual one.... I mean you did list all of those things.... seem to have them on your mind alot.
    Stop while you are ahead kid... you are digging a deep hole
    ROFL..... kids these days  :)

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