Name my new bong :)

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    Plain and simple, best one gets to be the permanent name for this beauty. Thanks for breaking my little 12incher dad :p

    EDIT: SHES a Pure btw

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  2. that last phrase just sounds dirty..
  3. Rasta Man
  4. Lol it does :p yea he was moving a table and it tipped and only broke the stem, he thought he broke the whole thing and replaced it xD hits real smooth too
  5. you gotta leave it up to yourself and your friends, at least thats what i do
  6. Well it's huge so it looks like your premier piece and cause of the colors I would call it Marley
  7. Godzilla, because that mother chucker looks huge
  8. The Rasta Masta
  9. The Rasta Tower
  10. Alpharita.. For Rita Marley.. widow to Robert Nesta Marly.. i gave it a female name.. since you referred to it as a "She".. and we all know Rita Marley is Pure

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