Name my new bong!

Discussion in 'General' started by CapNCosmos, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Ohhhhh, name this shit hahaha

    Cigarette pack to compare size..

  2. littledick hit
  3. Duffy McSugarTits
  4. Plastic doesn't get names.
  5. Shitty Mcshitshit
  6. Hahaha got bored and put a metal stem in a 55ml Jose Cuervo bottle, with a metal nest. Fits the normal size bong pack.

    Only thing plastic is the bottle, so no. No toxic fumes.

    So name it.
  7. Mr. BuyaRealBong
  8. Sir Seymour Franklin McFinnigan II
  9. the chode.

    no but seriously home made bongs from plastic bottles dont deserve names.
  10. Smeagle
    Little Foot
    Tiny Tim
    Big Hopes
    Dream Catcher


  11. Oh hell no lol.

    [ame=]Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through The Tulips 1968 Tiptoe - YouTube[/ame]

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