Name my bong!

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  1. Help me name my bong guys


    sorry bout the lifesized picture in advance
  2. name it yourself.
  3. Pretty neat piece man.

    But like badhabit said, a piece should get it's name from it's owner.

    A lot of times a piece gets named out of the blue, something happens, or something is said, and it just clicks.

    Good luck!
  4. How's she hit?
  5. With me the name of the price depends on how they hit wether it's a smooth hit you call her a lady if its rough as hell call it a machine
  6. id call it synergy because of the colors but thats just me
  7. Twister like the dude off rocket power bro
  8. Name her Honeyskies AHA:D
  9. Dude this seriously just came to me and like a vision: RAUL

  10. fuck yes!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. Yeah... gotta name your own pieces and not all of them stick. I've got 3 pieces, that their names have stuck. Megatube, Little Big Man and The Infamous (which is actually, The Infamous $40 Vapor Brothers Hydrator No-Name Knock-Off... but, you know...). Plus, I think the name kind of pisses off Linus (big honcho at VB). I told him more than once... it sells more than its costing them. Plus, you can't get them anymore. They'll buy a REAL Hydrator, if they like it.
  12. looks like an awesome vortex of lava and call it..sht had to name it but thats a nice piece man..

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