Name Mollys Hookah

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew a good name for this 4 man hookah I just bought.

    I'm thinking of going with:




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  2. Shit Dick 69
  3. yeah that makes me think of fag boys who beg to be turnt prison bitch.

    b/c they were never bullied and knew they should have been.
  4. [member='lenny']

    What if you was one of those people who got suckered into buying the black leaf 4 hose hookah by some retard on the internet disgusted with how stupid and uneducated i've made his social circle look in real life and on another forum site.

    And ya'll was just mad I got a better one then you all bought out.

    That's what your post looks like.
  5. dude, honestly I like the name "Molly's hookah". What made you put that in the title of this thread?

  6. She took my free will away with it!
  7. there you go. My vote is Molly's hookah. Enjoy!
  8. I'd name it Bitch Tits.

  9. yeah it's that awesome!

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