Name for my stoner puppy?

Discussion in 'General' started by gallimaufry0, May 25, 2010.

  1. Lab/Great dane mix. Two months!

    So far I'm stickin' with Ruca.. But it seems bland to me.
    Any ideas after seeing his adorable face? :p

  2. He's gonna be a big boy :D

    I recently met my cousin's chocolate lab named Marley.

    When he jumped up his nose was more than able to 'lick' my face. Needless to say that 120 lb dog is very intimidating and im 6' 2''

    You can always smoke up and think of a name. Either way don't rush it just let it come naturally.
  3. Yea, I like Marley, or maybe Delphy, from the Illadelph bong... IDK, smoke up an idea! Leme know when it come to ya!
  4. Hell yeah he's going to be big, his father is 175lbs :rolleyes:

    Can't burn for a while, in the process of getting a job.. Calling him dawg isn't suitable, that's how my cat ended up named Kitty.
  5. He's adorable! That face is...<3. Those paws are like dinner plates. He'll end up bigger than a house.
  6. Otis..all the way
  7. Obama, Resin, Black, Lace (Since being crossed with Lab/Dane), Brotha.

    Shit idk.:smoke:
  8. I like the name buddy, thats what i would decide on if i ever had a puppy/dog. Btw he is very cute haha.
  9. "Thai" (tie) ... short for Thai Stick.:smoke:
  10. Haha dude I was thinking Resin too, lmao. Or like ash or tar or some shit.
  11. Name him "Marijuana Cigarette"

    ...No balls
  12. Marley suits himm :)
    Or buddy
  13. "Hey man, nice dog!"
    "Whats its name?"
    "Oh thats cool."
    "Alright, well I gotta get going. Come Stain."

  14. Anus

    short for anusteh
  15. WAFFLEcopper! OMG. dude that was funny! Haha "come stain"
  16. name it something that would be funny to shout out at in in a public park if it isn't listening to your commands.
  17. What about Dank?

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