Name for my Pipe NEEDED Pics.

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  1. ok so heres the deal

    iv had this pipe for a decently long time. and iv never cared to name it until right now.

    the bumps and the front of the piece are a brilliant gold and the rest is a nice dark amber red



  2. Nice Spoon one of my personal fav smoking tools actually.
  3. i prefer bongs but a good hit from a pipe can make all the world to change it up!!

    soooo name suggestions?
  4. I think either gold rush or rash looks to be appropriate, but I love the look of this piece!
  5. The color of the glass and the design on the top make the pipe look somewhat middle eastern so you should call it Osama or somethin like that haha
  6. fools gold? idk haha. nice piece though

  7. bastard, you beat me to it

    what about the devils herpes or elmos herpes
  8. The bumps look sort of like reptile skin. I would go with Reptar or Arbok.
  9. Red Bone
  10. i like the suggestions! keep em commin!
  11. herpes cock
  12. Let us know what you decide to name it. :)

  13. nothin yet :/
  14. I always name my pipe while smoking it, mines name is chavez.

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