Name for my new bubbler?!!! Help!

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  1. I just bought this new bubbler and i need help naming it! I have nothing so please look at the pictures and see if any names come to mind.


  2. name that palm tree cause i see the palm trees in the background and the branches look like weed leaves haha :smoking:
  3. blazinnnnnnnnnn hammer... yup
  4. Call it "The Hippo" cuz it kinda looks like a Hippopotamous!

  5. thor came to my mind as well.
    although, it is a mighty common name for hammers.

    what about cronos? in homage to a good harvest of chronic!
  6. not trying to clown, but that first picture makes me think "The Nutsack", which could be gussied up by calling it "The Nugsack"? might get less shit for that one :p
  7. HAha i would hope so, but i really like that name very unique:smoking:
  8. Wow it does look like a shaft and balls in the first pic now that you mentioned it anyways if you dont want to name it The Nutsack id go with "The Red Rhino"
  9. if only it was skin colored like the bong in the other thread hahaha :p
  10. nice man name it mr bubbles
  11. Pele.

    If you know whats good.
  12. name it "Fred"
  13. name it Pink Floyd hahaha..:smoking:
  14. just get a bunch of friends together and smoke the shit out of that bad boy, then brainstorm. works for me, my first piece gave off a blueish light when you lit it up so my friends called it the K-mart ha ha
  15. I agree with tokingwhiteguy..."fred"

  16. I don't know if you are familiar with Norse Mythology... but Thor's Hammer... 'Mulnar' Pronounced Mule-nahr... would be a great one...

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