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name for my bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazer420dl, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Aight guys, Ive had this one footer for a while now and cant seem to come up with a good name. Its green and its got a clear ice twist in the middle to make the smoke cold, I was tying to make a name that incorporated the fact that its green and it holds ice. Any bright ideas?
  2. mean green ice machine

  3. you could forget the ice part in the name and use Mean Green Tokin Machine (okay so I just changed what samus said, but it sounds good) or the Green Meanie. I'm having a hard time using both something about ice and something to do with green, but those are a couple green ideas.
  4. ya i like those two, i thought of the green goblin, but im looking for somethin short and catchy, maybe it would be easier if i just stuck to either green or ice in the name and not both. more suggestions are welcome
  5. the smashing machine or the green giant like that1 guy
  6. Geronimo
    Pablito Hernandez
    Herbert Aluiscious Thurgood
    just a few suggestions (im high(
  7. Nipple Basher
  8. call it the Green Lantern

    Greeny Mctwist, ahha, i dunno.
  9. Curtis....

    hehe... good one.

    did you get that from Cheetch & Chong?

    how about a slight adaption... Curtice.


    Iceen. (pronounced "I seen")
  10. Or just name it mean green has a nice ring to it I think.. :smoke:
  11. these are all good, but how bout


    or Sergio
  12. scrag globules (if no-one remembers quake 1 im sorry) that wa the first green thing i thought of :)
  13. here is the facts

    buckets are the way forward

    and your bong shold be called borris

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  14. the green mile
  15. What about GREENLAND since greenland is covered in ice!

  16. That actually makes some sense. lol

  17. fuck yeah
  18. your best friend... @_@

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