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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PIPSI, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. what do i say to other people who call me a stoner i mean normally i would let em but now that i quit and they are still callin me that its pissin me off i got way to much to lose what if my dan coach heard em sayin that shit

    life was so much better when i smoked
  2. The best thing you can do is ignore them. Once they realize that you could give a rat's ass about what they say, they'll stop saying it. Some people are just that way. If they see that something bothers you, they'll keep doing it. When they see that their efforts go unnoticed, they'll get bored and quit. That's my advice.
  3. i agree...
    HOWEVER, if you get to the point of youve been ignoring them for FAR too long and your going to explode, ignore them for 7 more days and then if it keeps up, raise up rightcheous and beat the shit outta them!

    at least thats what id do. well, not about being called a pothead cause nowadays it doesnt get to me THAT much, its just irritating, but with other stuff. names dont get to me that much, actions speak louder then words. anything they say doesnt really matter too much cause it doesnt apply to you, but if they did more then just call you a pothead, then fuck em up man!

    sorry, i watched an old school batman movie today... :D
  4. My family used to call me a pothead and a stoner way before I even smoked. So I thought "if they already think I am, why not start?" So it's their fuckin fault I smoke pot.... :) (Not really, I smoke pot because I like it!)

    But when I'm in a position like that I usually swear up a storm. Even if it doesn't stop them from calling you a stoner, it gets their attention and makes you feel better after 'venting'..... I guess.....
  5. when people call me names, i don't even bother. Whatever they call me doesn't change who i am, just sets me as something that i am not, only in their eyes. They will have that set perception of me even if i respond to their name calling or not, so i don't think there's any point.
  6. I would just ignore them also. If that shit keeps up after a month or 2.. Then this is what u can do.

    First piss into a 20oz bottle and seal the cap.
    Then, put it in ur closet for a few weeks.
    Then, go up to one of them with the bottle and if they say something, open it up and splash that shit all over them. Then if they ever call u something again. Just refer to them/him as piss boy.

    Seems like the right thing to do, but Im pretty blazed, and picturing that in my head seems cool.
  7. I'd tell them that being a if being a stoner means I'm a better person than you.....sobeit!! No one sees me putting people down and being insulting!!!!

    Some people just want attention...

  8. well w/o bragging i am like one of the best kids if not the best on the team football is my best sport and my coach really looks out for me and stuff but he has no idea that i smoke and if he found out that would be so bad so i'm askin what to say to kids to make em stop callin me a stoner (even tho i am takin a break) even if they are doin it in a joking sort of way its just not one of those things that a person should be throwin around about a guy who has a whole lot to lose and i also gotta worry bout my track and basketball coach hearin sum shit in the hallways normally people are cool when they are around and keep in on the DL and if a coach asked if i smoked most people would say no (even if they knew i did) but i know a few guys that are hell bent (and Fuckin Jealous!!!) on bringin me down for smokin weed

    man i wish i could just go light up a big fat bowl right now i miss bein able to do that
  9. I cant stand it when people think they know shit about you this kid was tellin some other kid that if he needed someone to roll a monster joint ask me, i cant roll joints at all period

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