Name Brand Glass VERY unique mini-inline

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  1. Hey Blades, got this great little inline at Camp Bisco X from the guys over at name brand glass.

    Got it to replace my broken ( =[ =[ =[ ) Toro Mirco-Circ until I have the funds for different wet piece.

    That being said it functions great (little draw though), it was cheap, and came with an IP. Though admittedly I only use it for oils.





  2. Name brand glass is mad nice my friend has one that rips like a champ
  3. lol nice way to ruin a piece of glass
  4. Very nice purchase.
  5. Bump, forsale

  6. $20! lol jk, pretty unique though. why buy and sell so quickly though?
  7. damn thats hella wack that it has tobacco use only on it haha... pretty sick still and nice slide

  8. I spoke to the artist when I bought it, he added the logo as a joke and fuck you to states who where restricting his glass shipments because they where paraphernalia. I thought it was srsly lulzworthy and bought this one instead of a clear one because i got the joke.

    Also selling to support my glass habit, I bought this to temporarily fill the role of my wet piece position however despite how great it is I was just never a fan of any sort of inline. Opting for another circ setup

  9. There is a good amount of name brand glass at both my local headshops.. mostly ash catchers

  10. Sorry, I guess I missed the relevancy?
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    Apparently so :rolleyes:... I have an adopted brother from Russia, any relevancy you can pull from that?
  12. thats pretty dope man inline water pipe? lol never seen that before
  13. I guess not...

  14. a bit too low haha
  15. My boy @ Namebrand brought this forum post to my attention. I actually made that piece, not Namebrand. I do a lot of work with those guys but that is my design. I hope that you got at least what you paid for it. Those pieces are going for almost a buck and a half in shops and I'm raising prices after the new year. I'm glad that you liked it and got some good use out of it though. I always love seeing the tobacco use only labeled ones. All my new ones have a milli sig on them now. Take care peeps!!
  16. where is the mouthpiece?

  17. $51 (╯□)╯
  18. Thanks for the input man! My memory is a bit hazey from Bisco X not going to lie... I do remember getting this from the Name Brand Glass guys, or at least near them. I am in error here?

    also I let it go for the bill I got it for to one of my buddies, so no longer around

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