'Name Brand' glass chillum

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    Today i picked up a new chillum from a company called Name Brand. I got it from Acrat in Northfield, New Jersey; a shop known for ridiculously high mark ups. This piece however was fairly cheap at only twenty dollars. The glass isn't the thickest, but it's a pretty high quality piece. The bowl and mouth piece are both large and allow for nice airflow. And the bowl also acts as a sort of glass screen. All in all a really clean and simple little piece.

  2. I love that. Nice find.
  3. Could you pick my up one? I'll send you the money and shipping. PM please.
  4. Kick ass piece. IMO chillums look kind of dumb, but this looks kinda classy B)
  5. $20 clear chillum? dam, rip to the off. looks classy tho. hahaha
  6. Reminds me of a trippy test tube. I digs.

  7. Damn, fucking +rep for that grab. Love the look of a scientific chillum. Seriously major nerd boner here :D

    And NameBrand makes some quality stuff. I have a disc diffused slide from them for my bong.

  8. But.... it's name brand :laughing:

  9. I don't know where you live, but $20 for any glass is pretty reasonable where i'm from. Like i said Acrat is a shop that overcharges on everything, most of their spoons are either cheap glass or in the $50 range. Thats correct; fifty dollars for a simple bowl. So finding this for twenty was a steal.

  10. Wait is that supposed to be a lot? :cool:
  11. Yeah, i would say that that fifty dollars is a lot for a bowl. Thats just me though.
  12. Thanks for sharing.[​IMG]

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