Name Any Environmental Benefits Of Humans On Earth.

Discussion in 'General' started by IronLungToker, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Just wanted to hear some opinions.
    Personally I dont think Humans contribute anything towards the Earth.
    Prove me wrong.
  2. The concept of the environment wouldn't be recognised without humanity and there would be zero effort to regulate it. The only reason the earth right now has a relatively small amount of carbon in its atmosphere is literally because trees evolved faster than fungus and there was a brief period where trees fell and instead of rotting and releasing carbon they got buried and turned into coal as fungus couldn't get through their defences. I really don't think that planet earth is the important thing here, I think humanity is, and besides which just because we're not great right now for the environment it doesn't mean we'll always be that way.

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  3. Mosquitoes seem to be surplus to requirements also but they are there in the earth's eco system as they play a part as does all life on earth. Humans evolved as part of an eco system. Just because you don't see the benefit doesn't mean one doesn't exist.

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  4. Our dead bodies are full of nutes for bugs and plants
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  6. Without humans there would be no point in having an Earth. Of all the generations of cats and dogs, only the present generation knows of life is on this world, they know nothing of the past or the future so their lives are completely meaningless. Unless they have people to care about them, that's what we're here for.
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  7. So, when are you going to replace your blood with chlorophyll and become plant-kin if humans are so evil, Captain Planet.
  8. I got nothing, in fact I can't think of a more destructive species. We are more like parasites that just consume and destroy. When the earth finally shakes us off it's back then paradise will return to this planet.
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  9. Who will there be to appreciate that paradise?

    We prevent the overpopulation of edible animals.

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  10. As this statement rattles around in my extremely baked skull, all I can imagine is fields of farmed animals such as cattle in abundance but a massive dying off of species we don't have a vested interest in eating.
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  11. I know. Beautiful sight, eh?
  12. some humans make attempts at helping the environment by planting trees, spreading plant life, actively picking up trash and litter, and Europe at least has the decency to start using renewable energy sources for their power. Renewable energy does not harm the environment.

    Some of us have even gone through great efforts to prevent certain species from extinction, and enforce wildlife protection.

    Cows dont have it much better either though. The methane from animal poop is unfortunately worse for the environment than CO2. Methane absorbs heat even better than CO2, and is even more dangerous than CO2. So if you even asked some other animals if they had any other environmental benefits, they wouldn't have any.

    If you consider population control as a benefit, then humans are great at that. The wildlife Tiger, for example, doesn't care if its prey goes extinct while eating it, mother nature is cruel in that manner. Other animals have no problem killing endangered animals for a meal. If a human did it, you'd say we're a dirt on this world. And yeah, we probably are cancer to the world, but I'm also reminding the reality that a lot of things you pin humans on, animals do too. Maybe we're not too far off... The monkey fell from the branch.
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  13. Lol, I was going to say fertilizer. XD
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  14. Mother nature is evil and to be frank, it isn't worth 'preserving' in its original state.

    Think of all the diseases, parasites, etc. lurking in the wild, and how little lion cubs drown in rivers, etc. Nature is evil... it would be better off it we took control of the entire planet, and got rid of all disease and suffering.

    I'm only an environmentalist for human health reasons .. e.g. I oppose fossil fuel emissions because I don't want to live in Beijing, thank you very much. Give me muh clean, green, fresh New Zealand air..
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  15. Consumption.

    If you consume everything, logically, you humans would have nothing else to worry about...If I were an advanced alien civilization I'd likely just wait until you starved/thirst/burned/froze/drowned/suffocated or destroyed yourselves and then take the planet easy.

    Not that I am, just that is what I would do if I were.:coolalt:
  16. I do my part in keeping ganja from completely over running the planet. I like to think I'm fighting the good fight!
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  17. I'm a little concerned of your use of the phrase "you humans"...hmmm
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  18. Us humans used to benefit the earth we live on, these days "we got greedy" Us humans burn through resources, litter, pile up garbage, and destroy nature all the time. It's pretty fucked up but how do you change the minds of millions of people who don't care? So to answer your question some try to help, but most don't give a shit..

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